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Theoretical/Computational Physics

Theoretical and Computational Physics

Research in theoretical physics at UCD spans many subject areas, including condensed matter, quantum theory, nano-bio, nanoelectronics, and particle physics. Computational physics, whether calculations or simulations, forms a key part of modern research. Indeed, experiment and theory advance complimentary aspects of our understanding of the complexity of the natural world. Computational studies make the link between new theoretical concepts, and experimental observations of new phenomena.

Theoretical and computational nanoscience, biophysics and chemical physics, Statistical mechanics and molecular dynamics of biomolecular systems, Structural bioinformatics/ cheminformatics, Multi-scale modeling of biomolecules and complex fluids

 Vio Buchete

Professor Peter Duffy

 Peter Duffy

Dr Vladimir Lobaskin

Theory and computer simulation of nanostructured biosystems: nanoparticles, proteins, membranes, block-copolymer self assembly, microfluidics; collective motion, social physics, and dynamic self-organisation.

 Vladimir Lobaskin

Quantum condensed matter physics, specializing in theoretical nanoelectronics (including semiconductor quantum dots and single-molecule electronics) and topological quantum matter.


Statistical mechanics: advanced methods in molecular simulation applied mainly to problems in ITC and advanced materials, non-adiabatic quantum dynamics, chaotic dynamics.


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