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Student Supports

Student Supports

Many people experience emotional and psychological difficulties at some stage in their lives. Good mental health and wellbeing is a valuable support when faced with the kind of difficulties that many students in higher education encounter, such as financial concerns and managing workload or concurrent deadlines. UCD seeks to ensure that the promotion of mental health and wellbeing is part of the UCD Student Experience.

UCD School of Physics is committed to supporting your experience with us. Listed below are various official designated support contacts for our undergraduate and graduate degrees:

Role Staff Contact
Head of Teaching and Learning (opens in a new window)Tom McCormack
Stage 1 Contact (opens in a new window)Antonio Martin-Carillo
Director of BSc Physics (opens in a new window)Emma Sokell
Director of BSc PASS (opens in a new window)John Quinn
Director of BSc TP (opens in a new window)Vladimir Lobaskin
Head of Postgraduate Studies (taught) (opens in a new window)Brian Vohnsen
Head of Postgraduate Studies (research) (opens in a new window)Ronan McNulty
Director of MSc Physics (opens in a new window)Brian Vohnsen
Director of MSc Space Science (opens in a new window)Lorraine Hanlon
Director of MSc NanoBio (opens in a new window)Dominic Zerulla
Director of MSc NanoTech (opens in a new window)James Rice 
Director of MSc Comp. Phys. (opens in a new window)Vio Buchete 
Director of MSc TP (opens in a new window)Vladimir Lobaskin
Coordinator for Summer Internships (opens in a new window)Morgan Fraser

Other supports within the School of Physics are:

College of Science Supports

  • Science Office: The Science Office is your first point of contact for information, support and advice on any issue.
  • Peer Mentors: The Peer Mentor Programme runs across the University in all undergraduate programme areas. 
  • (opens in a new window)Chaplaincy: The Chaplaincy offers friendship, support, assistance and encouragement. An open-door policy exists to enable students feel welcome and to seek assistance, especially in times of distress, illness and bereavement. There is particular attention given to students’ special needs at the beginning and end of the academic year. Any of the chaplains can also be contacted via the general office situated at the Newman building G002. Contact Ms. Anne Tynan, Senior Executive Assistant on +353 1 7168372 or via email: (opens in a new window)anne.tynan@ucd.ie

UCD Student Services

UCD Student Advisors

The Student Advisers provide support for all students throughout their university experience, particularly during their first year. They work closely with the administrative and academic staff as well as with the chaplains and other support staff. They are here to help you make your time at UCD as fulfilling and enjoyable as possible.

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