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Ph.D Projects

A video of the information session regarding funding options is available: Link.

Funded PhD projects on offer:

  1. Modelling multi-valent ion intercalation in layered MXene materials for next-generation energy storage (Nuala Caffrey)

Other Opportunities:

PhD projects in UCD Centre for Physics in Health and Medicine (Biophysical Laboratory)

Supervisors: Dr Antonio BenedettoProf. Pietro Ballone

The Biophysical Laboratory of the Centre for Physics in Health and Medicine at UCD Physics invites applications for PhD students supported through, e.g., Irish Research Council or UCD School of Physics SIRAT fellowships. The activity in the Laboratory includes experimental as well as computational approaches, and spans different subjects of interest for both basic research and applications. Topics include:

For more information please contact Dr Antonio Benedetto

PhD projects in The Nanoscale Function Group

Supervisor: Prof Brian Rodriguez

The Nanoscale Function Group at UCD invites applications for PhD students supported through, e.g., Irish Research Council or UCD School of Physics SIRAT and Thomas Preston fellowships on the following or related topics:

Topics include:

  • AFM-based tomography and nanomachining
  • PFM of high-k dielectric/ferroelectric films
  • Development of scanning probe microscopy-based assays of molecular binding
  • Nanoscale electrical and electrochemical characterisation of energy materials
  • Effect of CBD and other small molecules on protein assembly
  • Decoupling electrostatic and electromechanical response: a multifrequency approach
  • Machine learning for atomic force microscope bias and force spectroscopy data
  • Development and characterisation of organic-based energy harvesting devices

For more information please contact Prof Brian Rodriguez.

PhD projects in The Advanced Optical Imaging Group

SupervisorDr. Brian Vohnsen

The Advanced Optical Imaging group at UCD invites applications for PhDs in optical sensing, visual optics, advanced optical microscopy, and adaptive optics. For more information please contact Dr Brian Vohnsen.

PhD projects in Supernovae and Explosive Transients Group

SupervisorDr. Morgan Fraser

The Supernovae and Explosive Transients Group welcomes enquiries from prospective PhD students supported by (for example) Irish Research Council scholarships.

Potential topics include:

  • Observations of core-collapse supernovae
  • Electromagnetic counterparts to gravitational waves
  • Supernova impostors and luminosity gap transients
  • Progenitors of transients using the Hubble and James Webb Space Telescopes
  • A wide variety of other cool "stuff"

For more information please contact Dr. Morgan Fraser.

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