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Curriculum Overview

Students will take between 20-30 ECTS each semester, the majority of which will be taken in the Quinn School of Business.

Business modules are taught by a series of formal lectures/classes together with a strong emphasis on course work outside of class, encompassing individual project work, group project work and class presentations. Each module is comprised of two to three hours of formal classes per week for a twelve-week semester. Modules are assessed via various methods incorporating continuous assessment, project work and examinations. Formal exam assessment takes place in December and May respectively.

Available Modules

The recommended and suggested modules for study abroad students are listed below. It is also possible to take modules outside of the School of Business.

Students can select modules beginning with the number 1, 2, and 3, i.e. ACC10060, BMGT20080, and MIS30020. Modules ending in a letter, i.e. S and D, are not available to undergraduate students. Generally speaking, modules beginning with 1 are introductory level, beginning with 2 are intermediate, and beginning with 3 are advanced level and students should pay particular attention to prerequisite requirements.

Registration opens prior to the beginning of the semester. Access to modules is dependent on capacity in modules and timetabling.

Click here to view the AY2023/24 list of available modules

Please note that the list of available modules for academic year 2024/25 will be published at the link above in late June 2024. The list from AY2023/24 will give some guidance as to the type and range of modules available to visiting students joining the School of Business, bearing in mind that the module list can change from year to year.

On acceptance to the study abroad programme you must choose the modules you wish to study during your time here. In UCD, we use the word modules in lieu of classes or courses. You will register for your business modules online, approximately one month prior to arrival. Details will be issued to you well in advance of this date.

You will be notified of the opening of online registration in advance. It is your responsibility to register online during the time frame allocated to you. You will have a drop/delete period during week one and two of your semester in order to allow you review your module choices and offerings.

Students register to a minimum of four modules and a maximum of six modules, while here in UCD. The majority of your modules must take place in the school you apply to, i.e. if applying to study business for your semester abroad, and you wish to study six modules, four of these must be business modules. Please note, that you should have researched a number of module options as some choices may not be available due to timetable restrictions, or capacity issues.

Students should check with their home study abroad office regarding what their minimum requirement is for the number of modules they need to register for during the semester. Your home institution decides on the credit weighting to be awarded to each module and on the method of grade transfer at the end of your semester here. Please ask your home study abroad office regarding these issues. Your final module selection should be approved by your home university to ensure your credit transfer is successful.

We advise that modules have a credit weighting of 5 ECTS which we suggest equates to 3 US credits. UCD works from a 4.2 GPA system. Business module descriptors are available on request. Please email

It is possible to take one or two non Business classes during your semester, provided you continue to meet the majority requirement. You are advised to research available classes using the course catalogue. Please note the following rules:

  • You can only choose classes at Level 1, 2 and 3.
  • You cannot choose any classes ending in a letter i.e. BIOL10050D.
  • It is not possible to take Psychology classes.
  • It is not possible to take level 3 English or History classes.
  • Your Business classes must take priority.

Registration to non Business classes is an offline process that the Study Abroad Manager will complete on your behalf. You will be sent a form to complete before your semester starts where you will indicate your module preference. Please remember places on modules cannot be guaranteed due to capacity restrictions and timetable clashes. You should research plenty of classes that you are eligible to take and are of interest to you so that you have back-up options. If you have queries or would like a list of recommended non business classes please reach out to

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