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Pre-Arrival Information

We recommend searching for updates on the weather in Ireland. Websites such as or will give you a good idea as to what is happening in Ireland in a political, social and cultural context. It is important to know if significant events such as sporting occasions, marathons etc., are taking place upon your arrival, as this will impact your first few days in Dublin. The weather is always variable here so we advise packing some light and heavy clothing, as well as rain gear. There are lots of clothing stores here where you can buy relatively clothes, check out or You will need an adapter for your laptop and phone charger to work in Irish electical sockets (Type G). Before your departure, be sure to make photocopies of your passport, air tickets and to print out two copies of your offer and acceptance letters for the programme.

It is a UCD requirement that you hold health insurance while on the programme. It is also a good idea to have travel insurance in case of theft or loss of property.

Ireland uses the Euro as currency. It is important to contact your home bank prior to arrival to ensure you are fully aware of banking fees and charges while abroad. It is also a good idea to look in to charges for Western Union and for travellers’ cheques.

Frequently Asked Questions

Each school in UCD has a Study Abroad Programme manager. In the Quinn School of Business please contact Áine Ní Riain via email:

Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis (first come, first served) but we urge students to apply several months in advance. Notification of when the application system opens is sent to our partner Universities. Every year the deadline for each semester occurs around the same dates. Generally the deadlines are the following:

  • Autumn Semester & Full Academic Year– Deadline for applications is 1st May.
  • Spring Semester - Accepting final applications – 25th October deadline.
  • Summer Semester - Deadline for applications is 10th March.

Autumn semester & full academic year - 1st May & Fall; Spring: 25th October; Summer: 10th March

Each application is assessed once you have applied online and uploaded your official transcript, a copy of the identity page of your passport, and an academic reference, if necessary.

An acceptance is sent after an online complete application is received and eligibility is verified. Upon acceptance, students are required to confirm their acceptance, but no deposit is required for the semester programmes. A deposit of €500 is required for the Summer Internship Programme.

Your home institution decides on credits to be awarded for modules completed at UCD. We will be pleased to provide full information on our modules to enable institutions to make decisions regarding the transfer of credits.

Once you have been offered a place, you should contact your home institution's study abroad office to discuss your module choice. You select all of your business modules on line. You are required to study a minimum of four modules and a maximum of six. Once you choose four business modules, you may take two modules outside of the business school. All requests for non-business modules must be emailed to

Students are permitted to take modules from other Colleges or Schools at UCD once the majority of modules they are registered for are Quinn Business School modules. Students are required to meet all prerequisite requirements, which includes classses outside of Quinn.

Once you register for modules online, you can access the relevant timetables via the SIS website located at

The ADD/DROP period will be open to you in week one of your semester here.

At the end of the semester, the UCD Quinn School of Business sends an official transcript to the home institution. Transcripts will be issued directly to the Sending Agency or Home University. For Direct Enrollment students your transcript will be issued to your permanent home address.

  • Fall Semester: Transcripts will be issued by mid March
  • Full Academic Year and Spring Semester: Transcripts will be issued in late July.
  • Summer Semester: Transcripts will be issued by early September

During the semester students are given the option to either live on-campus in the UCD Residences, or, off-campus in private apartments/houses, in, and close to the city centre. The Centre for Study Abroad facilitates and assists you with accommodation options for your stay here. However, we are in no way responsible for tenancy agreements. Any agreement is between the landlord and you the tenant. During the summer programme students live off-campus.

There are limited places available for on-campus accommodation. Students should email the UCD study abroad coordinator, when they are applying, to state their interest in living on-campus. Once the study abroad coordinator submits the student’s name to the residences office, the UCD residences office will then contact the student directly. From this point, it is up to the student to ensure they complete and return all the forms sent to them by the residences office as well as paying their deposits before the stated deadlines. If students fail to meet the on-campus accommodation office deadlines, they will lose their place on-campus. Please read your licence to reside, which you sign when booking your accommodation, carefully.

You are invited to research accommodation on and direct any query via email to

UCD Residences won a Go Overseas Community Choice Award achieving top scores in the Housing category for the standard and quality of its on-campus housing in 2020.

Again students should email the UCD study abroad coordinator, when they are applying, to state their interest in living in off-campus accommodation. The UCD study abroad office will organise all off-campus accommodation for students.

Please ensure that you have supplied the accommodation office/landlord with your correct account number. The biggest obstacle in returning deposits is incorrect information. Please also ensure that your home bank is aware that you are travelling in Ireland and that you are expecting a payment.

Sheets and pillowcases are not provided for you in your accommodation. Comforters/duvets are. Please read the residences website regarding this information. Clothing wise – the weather in Ireland is variable so a little of everything is the best way to pack. Remember not to overpack as you will buy things while you are here

If you are planning to stay longer, e.g. for several days after the programme ends, you must inform your landlord within the first week or two of your arrival.

There are many cafes and restaurants on-campus some of which would have meal deals on an ad-hoc basis.

Each module/class here generally has one core text book. You will receive your reading list on class one of week one. You can borrow some text books from Áine while you are in Ireland. You can also visit the UCDSU online second hand book store to see if they have a copy. The UCD library will also have a copy of your core text book. We have a limited number of textbooks available, which you can borrow from Áine while you're in Ireland.

The UCD Quinn School of Business has one of the most advanced eLearning infrastructures in Europe. As part of this infrastructure, laptop computers are an integral part of the learning process. All programmes at the UCD Quinn School require students to own a notebook PC. You can simply boot up your notebook anywhere and network with the School and fellow students through our wireless access.

Yes, student should if possible, bring their own laptops. If you do not have your own laptop, there is a leasing programme available for Study Abroad students who require a laptop for their semester at UCD. This also applies for students who may be experiencing problems with their own laptops, during their semester. Contact Áine regarding this.

You can purchase a pay-as-you-go cell phone once in Ireland. Vendors include 02, Vodafone, Meteor and 3.

You will have access to free Wi-Fi while on-campus, thus, you can email or use Skype while here in Ireland. Please note, that it is important to keep your parents updated on your movements while here in Ireland. It is not the responsibility of the Centre for Study Abroad to do this for you. 

If your home University is going to pay your fees, they will be invoiced. If you are going to pay your individual fees you can do so online or by bank Giro. For more information please visit this webpage regarding fee payment.

If you are a US national, a visa is not required if you are studying for a semester in Ireland. However, you will need a valid U.S. passport. Once in Dublin, you will need to register with the Garda National Immigration Bureau (GNIB). This will cost you approximately 300 Euro. Your study abroad coordinator will give you more information at your orientation.

Please do not book your return flights until after the last day of the exam schedule for each semester. Exam dates cannot be changed and are only issued to the student body midway through the semester. Dates are available here

The Study Abroad Manager will keep in touch regarding matters related to COVID-19 which may impact your semester abroad. The UCD Centre for Study Abroad has a COVID-19 FAQ page. UCD SIRC also has up to date information on the evolving COVID-19 situation.

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