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Tuesday, 14 March, 2023

UCD Residences Rules and Regulations are designed to contribute towards an enjoyable, safe, harmonious and peaceful living experience.  Whilst the main set of rules and regulations are contained in the residents Licence to Reside, additional rules can be found in each locations operations manual, in the welcome pack issued to each resident, and in our guide to Managing Breaches of the Rules.

UCD Residence Administration is charged with the orderly and harmonious running of the Residences premises and complex.  From time to time additional rules and regulations may be considered necessary by UCD Residences and shall be deemed to be a firm part of the Licence by posting a typed copy of same on a notice board at the Reception Office within the complex and such posting, or posting on the UCD Residences website, shall be deemed to constitute due and proper notice of same.

In addition to the UCD Residence Rules and Regulations, residents are expected to abide by and be bound by all policies published by the University relating to student conduct, health, safety, welfare or other occupational issues.

It should be noted that being a resident of UCD Residences offers no special protection against the law of the land. The University has been, and is, prepared to use the normal procedures of the law in the event of offences of a criminal or civil nature.

UCD Residences have a number of policies and procedures which are central to our operations which are outlined below.

Appeals Procedures

Where a fine/charge/deduction has been imposed or a license has been revoked the resident has a right to an appeals process.

An appeal should be submitted within the specified timeframe and should be submitted on the official appeal form as below.

  • Booking Deposit Appeal
  • Deposit Deduction Appeal
  • Fee/Charge/Fine Appeal 
  • Discipline Appeal


Booking Deposit Appeal

If a deposit has been held due to cancellation of accommodation, either before or during occupancy, and the resident has a query/feels there are extenuating circumstances they should contact Residence Finance by email residencefinance@ucd.ie quoting their student number. UCD Residences will provide clarification on the reason for any deductions. If a resident is not satisfied with this information they can appeal the decision.  The appeal must be lodged with Residence Finance within 30 days of the date the cancellation was received.

Booking Deposit Appeal Form


Deposit Deduction Appeal

At the end of the license period rooms and apartments are checked and any damage or cleaning is compared against the inventory submitted on check in. If there are damaged items or cleaning required the cost of this is deducted from the residents deposit.

Residents will be sent an email advising them of the amount to be refunded. If they are unhappy with the deposit refund they should contact residencefinance@ucd.ie outlining their student number, where they lived and their query with regard to the deduction. UCD Residences will investigate and provide the resident with detail on the reason for the deduction. If the resident is still unsatisfied with the deduction an appeal form can be lodged using the form below. The appeal must be lodged with UCD Residences within 30 days of the student being informed of the deposit refund value.‌

Deposit Deduction Appeal Form


Fee/Charge/Fine Appeal 

Where a fine or a charge is applied to a residents account, e.g. late payment fee, lockout charge etc., a resident has a right to appeal. If a resident has a query about a fine or charge they should email residencefinance@ucd.ie quoting their student number and information on the charge they believe to have been applied in error. The residence finance team will investigate and provide the resident with information on the reason for the fine/charge. If the resident is still unsatisfied with the fine/charge they can lodge an appeal using the form below. The appeal must be lodged with Residence Finance within 30 days of the student being informed of the decision.

This form should also be used should a resident feel they have paid for a service they have not received. Again they should email residencefinance@ucd.ie with information on the issue and Residence Finance will investigate. If the resident is unsatisfied with the outcome of the informal investigation they should lodge an appeal using the form below. This form should be lodged within 30 days of the student being informed of the outcome of the investigation.

Fee/Fine/Charge Appeal Form

Discipline Appeals

Where a fine has been imposed or a licence has been revoked, the resident has a right to an appeals process. There is a choice of the following appeals processes.  


Any Sanction made by the Management of UCD Residences (Category 1) may be appealed in writing to UCD Estates Services within 7 days of the Sanction. The decision of UCD Estates Services shall be final.


You may appeal as follows if You are unhappy with a Sanction imposed upon You:

Any Sanction made in the first instance by UCD Estates Services (Category 2) may be appealed via the UCD Student Appeals process, found here: https://www.ucd.ie/secca/studentappeals/

Any Sanction arising under the UCD Student Code (Category 3) may be appealed in accordance with the Student Code.

If you are unhappy with the process you can use the UCD Student Complaints Policy

Complaints Procedure

As an operational unit within the University, UCD Residences expects and welcomes general queries and clarifications on service delivery. Queries or complaints can be made at the Merville Reception desk or via email to residences@ucd.ie. UCD Residences aims to answer and resolve the majority of customer queries at the initial point of contact. Where circumstances require, the Residences team may request a meeting to better understand the query with the aim to resolve it locally.

UCD Residential Services Team will ensure that all complaints are investigated thoroughly and will notify the complainant of the outcome of the investigation via email or face-to-face. If subsequently you are unhappy with the outcome of the investigation the complaint can then be escalated to Estate Services within two weeks of the Residential Services decision. 

For the full policy and complaint form please click here: Complaints Procedure.

Allocation Policy

UCD Residences has over 4,000 bed spaces available to students for the 2023/2024 academic term. These beds are split between the Belfield and Proby/Blackrock campuses. Over 250 beds are available in Blackrock, with the remainder available on the main Belfield Campus.

Cancellation Policy 

(Updated - 30/09/21)  

Cancellation of Booking Within the License to Reside (Lease) Period

In line with current RTB Legislation, if you wish to cancel your accommodation on-campus within the License Period, you are required to give a 28-day notice to end your stay in UCD residences  by submitting a Cancellation Form via email to residencescancellation@ucd.ie. When submitting the form via email please name the cancellation form document with your student ID, e.g. - 12345678, along with date of submission and date you intend to leave. You will be liable to pay the License Fee and any and all associated charges up to the end of the 28-day notice period or such longer period of notice provided in the cancellation Form. 

For more details on the terms of living in UCD campus residences click here to view the license to reside and click here to view recently updated FAQs.

Cancellation of Booking prior to start of the License to Reside (Lease) Period 
Should You cancel your booking within 24 hours You will be refunded your Deposit in full.
Should You cancel your booking after 24 hours but prior to the commencement of your Period of Residence You will be refunded your Deposit less an administrative charge of €50.

Deposit Deduction Policy

Every resident who books a room in UCD Residences pays a deposit to secure their booking which is then retained for the duration of the Licence Period as a security deposit to act as credit against any Licence Fee arrears, bills owing or damage beyond normal wear and tear at the end of the Licence Period or its earlier termination and UCD is entitled to apply the deposit against these items.

Please see an itemised list of associated costs here.

Please read the Guest Policy for more information on having guests and gatherings in your apartment.

Lockout and Temporary Card Policy


From time to time residents will lock themselves out of their apartment or bedroom. UCD Residence staff can let residents back into their apartment. Residents will need to present themselves at the Village/Proby Reception desk and staff will ask a number of questions to verify their identity. They will then give the resident access to their room

Temporary Cards

Students who leave their cards at home etc. may want a temporary card which is valid for 3 days. 

New Card/Keys

If a student has lost their card or keys they will need a new card or a new set of keys.

New cards are issued from the UCARD Bureau at a charge of €20.00. The resident will then need to have their card recoded in the Village/Proby Reception.

If Blackrock residents need a new set of keys cut this charge is €30.00. Our on-site maintenance team will cut the new set of keys.

Please read the full Lockout and Temporary Card Policy for more detail.

Refund Policy

For information on refunds see UCD cancellation policy or License to Reside

Use of Monitoring Equipment Policy

As part of the development of a safe and secure environment for students to live in and staff to work in, UCD Residences has monitoring equipment available to its team and service providers to document incidents and breaches of rules where deemed necessary. Please view the full policy below.

Monitoring Equipment Policy

Guide To Managing Breaches of the Residential Rules

The Guide to Living on Campus outlines the Guide to Managing Breaches of the Residential Rules (pages 22 to 33).

Managing Breaches of the Rules and Regulations are managed by the administration of UCD Residences and UCD Estate Services. Breaches may result in one or more of the following:

Verbal warning from Residential Services Category 1 Breach
Formal meeting with a member of the Estate Services Team Category 2 Breach
Formal Referral to the Registrar/Dean of Students Category 3 Breach

There are a range of remedies that may be taken in the case of a breach.  These include, amongst others, reprimands, fines, termination of licence, and referral under University Student Code. For further information please see our Guide to Managing Rule Breaches.

UCD Student Code

The University is committed to quality in teaching, learning, scholarship and research. It values honesty, integrity, dignity and respect. All members of the University community are expected to act responsibly at all times. The UCD Student Code establishes the University's regulations and expectations in respect of student behaviour and conduct. The Code establishes types of behaviour that constitute breaches of the University's disciplinary regulations and provides details of the student disciplinary process. Any alleged breach of the UCD Student Code may be treated as a disciplinary matter under the University's Student Disciplinary Procedures. Students and University staff are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the UCD Student Code and related procedures.

For more information please see the UCD University Governance page.

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