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International Students 2024/25

About UCD Campus Residences 

Click here for an overview of existing residences and click (opens in a new window)here for a brief video on living in residences. 

For more information on UCD Residences click here and click here for virtual tour (Please note our Village accommodation is not currently included in the virtual tour). 

How to Apply and Book Campus Accommodation

Please following  video link for how to apply and accept your offer in UCD Residences. 

(opens in a new window)https://youtu.be/zd3kx-kVNLM

Please apply by submitting your accommodation preferences on the (opens in a new window)new Residences Portal here

Please see this guide on how to submit your application: UCD Residences Booking Application Guide

Fees and Payment 

The residence fees for the 2023/24 academic year can be seen on our Residence Finance page.

Residences fees for 2024/25 are yet to be confirmed but subject to a possible 2% price increase on 23/24 prices. 

International Applicants (From Outside the EU) - 24/25

International Students (from outside the EU) who are applying directly to UCD, have a different application process to EU  based students. Students will receive detailed information, via email, on how to apply for UCD on-campus housing, in advance of bookings opening.

Stage 1(First year) Full Undergraduate Degree - Two Trimester (Full Year) - 

Application  Date - 08/12/23 - 8th of December 2023

Offer Date -  From week of 11th of December 11/12/23 - 11th of December 2023

Postgraduate Taught Students - Belfield Two/Three Trimester (Full Year) 

Application  Date - 08/12/23 - 8th of December 2023

Offer Date -  From week of  11th of December  - 11 /12/23 

Postgraduate Taught Students - Blackrock (Smurfit Graduate Business School) Two/Three Trimester (Full Year) 

Application  Date - 08/12/23 - 8th of December 2023

Offer Date -  From week of 11/12/23 - 11th of December 2023

Study Abroad 2024/25:
  • Booking communications and instructions will be issued by email to students on the 6th June 2024
  • Bookings will open on the 11th June 2024
  • Room offers will be made on a weekly basis
Exchange students (Erasmus and non-EU Exchange) 2024/25:
  • Booking communications and instructions will be issued by email to students on the 10th June 2024
  • Bookings will open on the 13th June 2024
  • Room offers will be made on a weekly basis

Please see our 2024/25 UCD Learning Abroad Application Guide here.

24/25 - Licence To Reside

Please see the UCD Residences Licence To Reside - 2024/25 here.

24/25 - Licence Dates

See following license dates  for the UCD Campus accommodation residential period

Trimester Type/length

Start Date

End Date

Student Groups

Two Trimester



CAO, Continuing, Global, Scholarship 

Single Trimester (Autumn/Fall)



Global Qualifying single  trimester groups 

Three Trimester



Postgraduate students

Global/International Student FAQs - 2024/2025

Booking applications for the next academic year (2024/25) will open in Spring 2024. We recommend regularly checking the UCD Residences website for updates regarding the booking process, as well as regularly checking your emails for any correspondence from UCD regarding this booking process.

International students can avail of a single trimester booking, a two trimester booking or a three trimester booking, subject to availability. Once the booking portal opens, international students will be able to choose accommodation type preferences ie. en-suite, shared bathroom or studio accommodation. 

Rooms will be allocated at a later date based on the preferences given in the booking application and subject to the availability of campus accommodation.

Applicants with a conditional offer can apply for accommodation, however they must first be provided with a student number from UCD. This is an 8 digit number starting with 24****** for 2024/25 applicants.

All residents will be given access to their own unique UCD Residences Portal account. From here you can view how much you owe, pay fees etc.

Accommodation fees vary depending on which residence you book. For a full breakdown of fees, visit the Financesection of our website.

In order to book on-campus accommodation, you must pay a deposit. In line with RTB legislation, this deposit will be returned to you 28 days after you check-out of UCD Residences, provided that there is no damage to the room.

There are a lot of benefits to living on-campus. The location is extremely convenient, and you will be given access to a whole host of amenities in UCD Residences such as an on-site gym, restaurants, shops, as well as many free ResLife activities to help you settle in to life in Dublin. However, living on-campus is not essential to get the best out of your university experience. 

UCD Residences is open to all UCD students, mixed genders and ages. As the UCD Residences booking system permits students to select their own room it is possible for people who already know each other to select the same apartment if there is availability. However you can only select rooms that are available at the time you book. It is important to also note that students under 18 and over 18 will in all likelihood be sharing an apartment.

UCD Residences offers a variety of on-campus options. There are two campuses where students may choose to live: the main Belfield Campus where the majority of students will live, and the Blackrock Smurfit Campus which is recommended for students who will be attending classes in Smurfit. 

Students will be able to choose from a range of accommodation options such as catered or non-catered accommodation, shared bathroom or en-suite accommodation and there is also an option to book a studio apartment, either shared or individual.

For more information on the range of accommodation available, please see this section of the UCD Residences website.

Yes, once bookings applications are open, you will be asked to give your 3 preferences for accommodation ( i.e en-suite or non en-suite, catered or non -catered). After you have submitted your preferences, you will be allocated a room based on which 3 preferences you have provided. 

Unfortunately on-campus accommodation is not guaranteed for all international students as it operates on a first come first served basis. As well as making a booking application for on-campus, we would encourage all prospective students to also explore off-campus options to ensure they get accommodation.

In order to book accommodation, you will need your unique 8 digit student number. Prospective students will need to accept an offer from UCD in order to receive this student number.

You will be notified of the check-in date for 2024/25 when you receive a room offer.

You can check in at any time from this date.

We cannot facilitate arrivals before this date.

Contact UCD Residences

UCD Village Welcome Desk, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 1 716 7000 / +353 1 716 1008 | E: residences@ucd.ie | Location Map(opens in a new window)