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Living in UCD FAQs - Updated (25/08/23)

Monday, 28 August, 2023

The Residential Assistants (RAs) are students who live on campus that assist the Residences team in the evenings and over weekends. Their responsibilities range from administration duties to organising ResLife activities and enforcing University policies. The RAs act as a liaison between residents and University administration. 

If you are interested in becoming an RA, please read more (opens in a new window)here.

New UCARDs are issued from the UCARD Bureau at a charge of €20. The UCard Bureau is located in the Newman Building beside Theatre L. The resident will need to have their card recoded at the UCD Village Reception Desk for Belfield residents or in the Blackrock Campus Services Desk for Blackrock residents. If Blackrock Halls residents needs a new set of keys cut this charge is €30 and the maintenance team will cut the keys.

If you lock yourself out of your room/ apartment please contact your local/nearest RA if it's between 18:00 - 00:00.

If it's outside of those hours please make your way to the Village Welcome Desk and you will be issued with a temporary card. 

Students who leave their cards at home etc. may want a temporary card which is valid for 1 day. Please call to the UCD Village Welcome Desk to receive this temporary card.

Residents should be advised that they will need to have their student card recoded once they retrieve it. If you do not wish to obtain a temporary card you can also call to your local RA office between 18:00 - 00:00 and the RA will be able to let you into your accommodation.

The UCD ResLife Programme aims to build a community in UCD Residences through fun activities and events. Residents are encouraged to attend events which are generally free of charge. This is a great way to meet new people and will enhance your experience of living on campus.

There are designated spaces in the residences for social activity. The rooms have varied facilities including pool tables, TV's, table tennis, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and Netflix. There are also kitchen spaces in Belgrove, Glenomena and The Village with ovens which can be booked by groups of residents who want to have dinner together.

To book a ResLife Social Space residents must fill out the following (opens in a new window)form.

Please fill out the form at least 5 days in advance of your booking. Responses are monitored Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm.

Please fill in (opens in a new window)this booking form and await confirmation from ResLife.

Please fill out the form at least 5 days in advance of your booking. Responses are monitored Mon - Fri, 9am - 5pm.

Please contact the UCD Residences Team in the UCD Village Welcome Desk on 01 716 7000 / 01 716 1008 should you have any maintenance issues when you arrive or throughout the year. 

You should first refer to the "Maintenance" tab in the "Essential Information" section of the UCD Residences website. If you are unable to troubleshoot the problem you should then log a maintenance request via the UCD Residences Portal. 

For Belfield Campus:


House Number, Apartment Number, Room Number,


UCD Belfield,

Dublin 4.



For Blackrock Campus:


House Number, Apartment Number, Room Number,


UCD Blackrock Smurfit Campus,


Co. Dublin.


Each building on campus has a specific postcode, known as an Eircode, that must be added to the bottom of your delivery address. Please find a list of each unique Eircode below/


Letters will be delivered to your room or apartment Monday to Friday from 18.30-19.30. Please ensure that you include your room number in your postal address.

Should a package arrive for you, you will receive an email to your UCD Connect alerting you. You can collect it from the Merville Mailroom. Our Mailroom is open Monday to Friday from 11:00-15:00 and from 18:30-20:30. You should bring your student card to the office for collection purposes. Proby and Blackrock residents will receive an email informing them of a package to collect from the Blackrock Campus Services Desk.

Please note there are no deliveries of post at the weekend or bank holidays

Each residence offers bicycle stands which residents have access to. Bicycles should be locked at the stands provided and remain the responsibility of the resident.

Under the terms of the licence to reside residents are not allowed to bring bicycles into the buildings. UCD Residences accept no responsibility for bicycles locked on the premises. Residents should be aware that bicycles locked to lamp posts etc. will be removed.

Residents living on campus are not eligible for a parking permit (exceptions for research students upon making a valid case and those living on the Blackrock Campus). Please see (opens in a new window)UCD Commuting for information or contact UCD Commuting Services at commuting@ucd.ie for queries.

As the apartments are not fitted with washing machines or dryers, laundry facilities are provided through self-service launderettes. Launderettes are operated by contactless debit / credit card payment systems.

Landerettes are located in The Village, Ashfield, Belgrove, Blackrock, Glenomena and Roebuck. The cost for a wash cycle is €3.00 and for a dry is €1.50.

Please note that clothes horses and drying racks are not permitted in UCD Residences due to the moisture and dampness they can create in rooms. We encourage all residents to avail of the dryers in each residence.

There are designated recycling centres in each residence. Your apartment also has coloured bins to encourage recycling and we would ask you to segregate your refuse before disposing of it.

Residents can check their accounts via the UCD Residences Portal. From here you can view accounts, pay fees, log maintenance requests etc. 

Accommodation fees vary depending on which residence you book. For a full breakdown of fees, visit the Finance section of our website.

The cost of insurance in respect to personal belongings kept in the residences is included in the first instalment of fees paid. 

You need to contact residences@ucd.ie for any queries on this. 

To ensure all residents live in a safe, hygienic environment and to prevent unnecessary damage and neglect of UCD Residences property housing audits are carried out once per semester.

These audits are non-intrusive and involve a quick visual inspection of both individual bedrooms and the shared living space in each apartment. You can find tips on how to pass your housing audit here: Housing Audit Tips

Please read the Guest Policy for more information on having guests and gatherings in your apartment.

If there are problems in the apartment we advise residents to communicate in person with their house mates. Often the impact of behaviour may not be realised. Given that you will be living together for the academic year it is always best to try and resolve any differences together first.

If this does not solve the problems please query it with the UCD Village Welcome Desk team or speak with your local RA to see can they offer any solutions or help mediate a possible conversation.

If the problems are not resolvable at this level the matter can be escalated to the Residences Management team and disciplinary procedures can be initiated if appropriate.

The UCD Village Welcome Desk is open 24/7. If you are disturbed by noise at night please call our Welcome Desk and we will deal with the residents who are causing a disturbance.

Please note that emails and text messages may not be received immediately so it is best to ring the Village reception office on : 01 716 1008 / 01 716 7000 should an issue arise.

In line with current RTB Legislation, if you wish to cancel your accommodation on-campus within the License Period, you are required to give a 28-day notice to end your stay in UCD residences  by submitting a cancellation form via email to (opens in a new window)residences@ucd.ie . You will be liable to pay the License Fee and any and all associated charges up to the end of the 28-day notice period or such longer period of notice provided in the cancellation Form. 

Please contact the Village or Proby reception for up to date information on checking-out (residences@ucd.ie).

Please follow the link for information on deposit refunds.

UCD’s climate strategy sets out an ambitious vision for sustainability.  UCD’s first Climate Action Roadmap comes as our Sustainable Development Strategic Group has already undertaken a considerable amount of positive work on the actions we need to take.

For more information, please see the UCD Climate Action Roadmap below:


Contact UCD Residences

UCD Village Welcome Desk, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 1 716 7000 / +353 1 716 1008 | E: residences@ucd.ie | Location Map(opens in a new window)