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2021/2022 Important Booking Dates

Please note, the below reference guide regarding key booking dates is still awaiting final confirmation. 


Booking Dates 2021/22

CAO Applicants

Waitlist Open Date Tuesday  (13/04/2021) 13th April 2021
Randomization Closing Date Thursday (08/07/2021) 8th July 2021
Booking Thursday 09/09/21


2021 Check-in Date - Thursday 16th of September 2021 -  (16/09/21) 



2021/2022 Important Booking Dates

Please note, the below reference guide regarding key booking dates for the upcoming academic year is till pending final approval. 


Booking Dates 2021/22


Existing/Continuing Students

Waitlist Open Tuesday (02/03/21) 2nd March 2021
Randomization Closing Date 28th April 2021
Booking * 06th May 2021


2021 Check-in Date - Thursday 2nd of September 2021 - (02/09/21) 

*Students arriving from international locations can arrive from the 19/08/21 to help faciliate any required (depending on restrictions applying to  country of origin) self-quarantine period ahead of the license period start (02/09/21), with no addtional cost to the students accommodation fees. 



On-Campus Accommodation for Incoming Students who have entered through the HEAR Pathway 2021/22

UCD Residences offers a variety of room options across several residence villages on the Belfield and Blackrock campuses.

Prices vary depending on the facilities offered in each of the residences, for example private bathroom or shared bathroom options, but all bedrooms are single occupancy, i.e. one person per bedroom.

Merville and Belgrove residences are the shared bathroom accommodation options on the Belfield campus and are priced at the starting point of room rates. These apartments consist of four bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Students entering UCD through the HEAR pathway are offered rooms in Merville and Belgrove as a first option. Priority is given to first year students.



Click here for a list of prices for the 2021/2022 academic year.

Click here for more information on Belgrove.

Click here for more information on Merville.



Please note there is no discounted rate for students entering through the HEAR pathway so students and families should be aware of the fees before accepting a room. Information about UCD accommodation costs.

For more information please contact


On-Campus Accommodation for Students with Physical or Sensory Disabilities 2021/22

UCD Residences have a number of wheelchair accessible rooms available for booking across the UCD Residence Villages. Priority for accessible rooms are given to students with a physical disability (for instance, students with mobility disabilities) or sensory disability (students who are blind/visually impared or students who are Deaf/Hard of Hearing), who require the adapted features of the room. Wheelchair users should be advised to choose a room on the ground floor, if possible. Students with temporary injuries are not eligible for an accessible room.


These rooms are available to incoming, continuing, postgraduate students and single trimester students.  If you are international student who requires a room with adapted features please contact UCD Global and the residence room booking team at


Please note, if a student requires a full time Personal Assistant who needs to stay in Residences overnight, the student must book a separate room for their Personal Assistant. This room will be charged at the same rate as the student’s room, meaning the student must pay for the price of two rooms.


If you require a Service Dog, there are some single occupancy studio apartments which students with Service Dogs can book. Students who utilise a Service Dog and who are considering attending University College Dublin must contact UCD Access & Lifelong Learning prior to accepting their offer to discuss their individual needs and to ensure that any necessary supports that they require can be made fully available to them and their Service Dog. For more information on having a service dog on campus please contact More information can also be found in the Animals on Campus Policy.

Please note that students residing in these rooms are not offered any reduction in fees nor receive any additional supervision or support from UCD Residences.



Click here for a current list of prices, 2021/2022.

Click here for information on Ashfield.

Click here for information on Belgrove.

Click here for information on Glenomena.

Click here for information on Roebuck Halls.

Click here for information in Roebuck Castle (Includes catering).



General queries about student residences and rooms should be directed to

If you require an Accessible Room please contact to book.


International Students (From outside the EU) (Updated 10/11/21)

Important - Spring Single Trimester Bookings 2022

Please note the booking dates for qualifying incoming international single trimester students are proposed as the 17th and 18th of November 21.

November 17th - Study Abroad  Bookings 

November 18th - Erasmus  Bookings 

The licence to reside (lease) periods for this are trimester are 10/01/2021 - 18/05/22.

For more information on this please contact


Room Booking Process

International Students, who are applying directly to UCD, have a different application process compared to the categories above. Students will receive detailed information, via email, on how to apply for UCD on-campus housing, in advance of bookings opening.

As there is a limited supply of rooms available and a large demand for them, we cannot guarantee that all students will be offered a place on campus. It is important that all students apply and complete the online process in a timely fashion once the relevant booking opens, in order to have the best chance of securing on campus accommodation.


Restricted Movement/Self Quarantine  Stay Only - 14 Night 

If you are arriving from a country that is not designated as high risk, and do not require mandatory hotel quarantine - click here for further details - you can avail of a 14-night stay in UCD Residences for the purpose of the required self-quarantine period. The cost of this accommodation is €574. This price includes en-suite accommodation with bed linen and kitchen utensils also being provided. 

The earliest date of arrival for this stay is 2nd of August 2021 (02/08/2021).

The final date for arriving for this stay is the 15th of August 2021 (15/08/2021).

We are now taking bookings for these 14-night stays. Please click here to proceed to make a booking. Please see How to book a 14-day stay at UCD for instructions on how to book.


Please note this is a fixed charge 14-night booking only. Once the booking period has begun, refunds will not be facilitated in the event of a student wishing to leave the booking period early.


Early Application Process for Graduate Students

UCD has introduced an Early Accommodation Payment which allows International Non-Eu Graduate students to secure a room on campus. Graduate students, with an accept/conditional accept who have paid their course deposit, will be able to apply for a place on campus by paying an “early accommodation apply” fee. Please note that there is a limited number of rooms available – places will be offered on a first come first served basis. 

Depending on your specific programme, there are 38 and 50 week housing packages available for Graduate students on both the Belfield and Blackrock campuses.

For more information, see the UCD Global website.



2021/2022 Important Booking Dates

Below is a quick reference guide to important dates for booking accommodation for 2020/21.


Booking Dates 2021/2022

 Postgraduate Students - Non EU

Early Apply

March 2021 (Now Closed)


June  2021 (Now Closed)

Undergraduate Students  - 

Autumn Semester Booking 

July 9th 2021

Spring Semester Booking 

 November 17th & 18th 2021


IMPORTANT - All Existing Bookings will be subject to possible reallocation on arrival. Click here for more information.  

International (Non-EU), Study Abroad and Exchange Students

International Study Abroad and exchange students will be contacted by members of UCD Study Abroad and Exchange staff with details of accommodation application procedures.

Residence dates for single semester students for 2021-2022

Autumn Trimester: 02 September  - 23 December 2021

Spring Trimester:  10 January 2022 - 23 May 2022


Existing/Continuing International Students (Non–EU) (Full-Degree: Bachelors)


2021 Check-in Date -Thursday 2nd of September 2021 - (02/09/21)*

*Students arriving from international locations can arrive from the 19/08/21 to help faciliate any required (depending on restrictions applying to  country of origin) self-quarantine period ahead of the license period start (02/09/21), with no addtional cost to the students accommodation fees. 

For International students checking in for the Autumn semester, the check-in date has been revised to the 2nd of September 2021, (02/09/21) though students from an international location can arrive from August the 19th 2021 (19/08/21) to facilitate any required self-isolation/quarantine period at no extra cost to their accommodation fees which are calculated from 02/09/21.


Stage 1 Undergraduate International Students (Non–EU) (Full-Degree: Bachelors)**

2021 Check-in Date -Thursday 16th of September 2021 - (16/09/21) 

** Stage 1 undergraduate students arriving from international locations can arrive from the  02/09/21  to help faciliate any required (depending on restrictions applying to  country of origin) self-quarantine period ahead of the license period start (16/09/21), with no addtional cost to the students accommodation fees. 


Residence Scholarship Scheme Students

UCD Residences provides accommodation for residence scholarship schemes across all locations consisting of self-catering apartments, halls of residence and catered accommodation which includes meals in the price. Specially adapted facilities are provided for students with disabilities.

UCD Residence Scholarship Schemes are run by UCD Residences for several categories including Sports, Ad Astra and Gaeltacht UCD (UCD Global Centre for Irish Language and Culture). If you have applied to any of the residence scholarship schemes successfully you will be marked on the student information system accordingly and offered the relevant accommodation options subject to availability.

  • Students will be able to choose available accommodation in a wider range of locations than in previous years allowing for a wider range of price and facilities.
  • The room booking system allows students to choose which room they want and will provide basic information on the profile of students already booked into an apartment (e.g. undergraduate, postgraduate, male, female). 
  • Some schemes such as the Gaeltacht UCD have specific rooms reserved for their scholars.
  • Please use our virtual tours to view our residences.


Further information on joining a scholarship scheme can be found by clicking on the following links:


Further information regarding the room booking procedure can be found on our Booking Process and FAQs pages. If you are having problems or technical difficulties making an online booking please contact us on 00 353 1 716 1031 or at


‌No matter how big or how small your group, or how long you intend staying in Dublin, we will be delighted to tailor a package for you. Have at look at our dedicated summer accommodation webpage for more information.

Telephone: +353 1 716 1333