Do I need to submit documents to CAO?

You will need to submit copies of your school-leaving results, third level transcripts and any other information which will be needed to assess your application except in the following cases:

Irish Leaving Certificate
(1985-to date)
For current year Leaving Certificate students, tick the box to indicate this and provide your examination number in May.
If you have already completed your Leaving Certificate, supply the year(s) and examination number(s). Remember to include all examinations.

NUI Irish exemptions NUI will notify these direct to CAO but check that they show on your statement of application record which you will receive in May (as IRS X).

QQI-FET level 5/6 exams
(2002-to date)

You must enter your PPS number on the CAO form to enable CAO to access your results.
Current year's GCE results On the CAO form enter the Exam Board, Centre number, Candidate number, Subject(s) and Level in the spaces provided and CAO will receive the results for CCEA (Northern Ireland) GCE, British GCE.

NB For all other examining bodies, you must supply certified photocopies of results of current year's examinations to CAO as soon as they become available

All other documents must be submitted to CAO quoting your CAO Number.

Applicants presenting other school-leaving examinations, must submit full results showing subjects taken and results attained, accompanied by a translation if the original is not in English.

When must my results be with CAO?

Documents already available should be sent to CAO immediately following application. All remaining documents and exam results you are presenting for assessment for entry to UCD must be with CAO no later than the dates below:

Mature supporting documents 15 February 2023
HEAR/DARE supporting documents 15 March 2023
Irish Leaving Certificate/ A-level TBD mid August 2023
Other School leaving exams
       Examinations already completed
       2023 results

within 10 days of application
1 August 2023
Other applicants please see the relevant website QQI-FET


Will copies be OK?

Yes, with the exception of Graduate Entry Medicine, copies are sufficient at the application stage. However, if you accept a place in UCD, we will need to see the original documents at that stage.

What do mature applicants need to submit?

In addition to school-leaving results, if required, mature applicants will need to submit a personal statement and may need to submit other documents depending on their own educational background.

I've lost my Leaving Certificate, what do I do?

If you have mislaid your certificate you can request a certified statement of your results from the State Examinations Commission. Further information is available from:

Statements Section, State Examinations Commission, Cornamaddy, Athlone, Co. Westmeath. 
Tel: +353 (90) 644 2808 / 644 2810