The SBBS community is made up of people from all backgrounds, cultures, and ethnicities, reflecting UCD's place as Ireland's Global university.

We are proud to boast that our staff and students come from all over the world. Our MSc and PhD cohorts are particularly international with high numbers of students joining us from India and the Middle East, while our Technical and Academic staff include members from China, Greece, and Mexico. This diversity brings with it a rich variety of perspectives and philosophies which gives SBBS its unique and vibrant character. Wherever you come from and whatever your background we will be delighted to welcome you into our community. 

 Image of SBBS medal awardees 2017

‌Merlin Matthews (second from the left) and Thomas Charles Guest (third from the right), joint winners of the 2017 MSc Biotheraputics Medal.

Wim Meijer's lab group

Front row L-R: Laura Sala Comorera (Spain), Yuting Yin (China), Shreya Vargese (India)

Middle row L-R: Aurora Gitto (Italy), Cheng Cheng (China)

Back row L-R: Raul Miranda CasoLuengo (Mexico), Wim Meijer (The Netherlands), Liam Reynolds (Ireland)


UCD Societies

UCD has a number of student societies that provide friendly and welcoming spaces for people to connect, network, and learn more about each other:


Further Resources

You can consult UCD's Student Charter at

The Irish Immigrant Support Centre works to enable immigrants and advocates for a more inclusive society -

Sport Against Racism Ireland promotes positivity and inclusion through sport -