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Reading 1916

T?his exhibition is open to the public, from 6th February - end of December, 2016
Visitors to UCD, contact (opens in a new window)special.collections@ucd.ie for details about access / opening hours

The Easter Rising was a formative event, not only for Ireland’s political future but for her cultural identity too. University College Dublin was closely associated with the movements for social and political change that emerged during the early part of the twentieth century, and many staff and students were actively involved in the affairs of Easter Week.

Reading 1916

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For Irish writers, both at the time and since, these events have held a strong imaginative charge. From idealised possibility to stark reality, the Rising has helped to shape how Ireland’s identity is read in text and image – through its literature, journalism and popular culture.

This exhibition explores the circulation of printed texts in this period, tracing links between memoirs and poems, personal accounts and political reflections, reportage and commemorative printing. Seen together, these materials reveal the important role played by the printed word in this time of cultural and political revolution.

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