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PhD Candidates


Ms Salsabil Abdalbaki (Complex Systems and Computational Social Sciences)

Research Interests: Data science; social network analysis; text mining; water resources management; Egypt; MENA region
Thesis Title: Dynamic Topic Modelling and Network Analysis for Water Resources Management in the Nile River

Email: (opens in a new window)salsabil.abdalbaki@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr Johan A Elkink

Mr Dave Banks (Politics & International Relations)

Research Interests: Sport for Peace and Development; Social Identity; Political Psychology
Thesis Title: The Effectiveness of Sports Reconciliation Projects on Post-Conflict Society

Email: (opens in a new window)dave.banks@ucdconnect.ie 
Supervisor: Dr Tobias Theiler

Mr Isaac Bennett (Politics & International Relations)

Research interests: Military innovation; conflict studies; emergent technology; just war theory; airpower
Thesis title: Battlefields of the Future: How Military Innovation Will Change the Calculus of War in Asymmetrical Conflicts

Email: (opens in a new window)isaac.bennett@ucdconnect.ie
Professor Ben Tonra

Ms Julia Canas Martinez (Politics & International Relations)

Research Interests: Women's participation in political violence; foreign fighters; conflict studies 
Thesis Title: 
Women in political violence: The Western Muhajirat of the Islamic State

Email:(opens in a new window) (opens in a new window)julia.canasmartinez@ucdconnect.ie
Dr Stephanie Dornschneider

Mr Tony Casey (Public Policy)

Research Interests: Political theory; governance; regulation; policy networks; agent based modelling; social network analysis
Thesis Title: A Theory of Governance: The Micro-Foundations of Political Order

Email: (opens in a new window)tony.casey@ucdconnect.ie
 Prof Niamh Hardiman


Mr Michael Coleman (Politics & International Relations)

Thesis title: The possibility of a Marxist account of Rights and its application to contemporary Far Left movements

Email: (opens in a new window)michael.oleman@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr Joseph Lacey


Mr Pierce Daly (Quantitative Social Sciences)

Thesis title: To quantitatively assess how wealth, and its distribution, has evolved historically in Ireland

Email: (opens in a new window)pierce.daly@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr Aidan Regan


Ms Emanuela Ferrari (Politics & International Relations)

Research Interests: Post structural political ecology; environmental conflicts/ environmental justice; social protest and resistance; decolonial theory
Thesis title: Defending the local: Environmental defenders and the challenge of advancing alternative concepts of nature, development and sustainability

Email: (opens in a new window)emanuela.ferrari@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Prof Ben Tonra

Ms Dana Guy (Politics & International Relations)

Research interests: political conflict; social media; Israel; Palestine
Thesis title: The medium and the message: Social media, virtual communities and narratives in intractable conflicts

Email(opens in a new window)dana.guy@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr Vincent Durac


Ms Sarah King (Quantitative and Computational Social Science)

Research interests: Quantitative text analysis; research methods; public policy; higher education policy; representation; responsiveness; legislative behaviour 
Thesis Title: 
The Politicization and Agenda-Setting Dynamics of Higher Education Funding Reform: A Comparative Perspective

Email: (opens in a new window)sarah.king4@ucdconnect.ie(opens in a new window)
Dr Stefan Müller

Linette Lim Headshot
Ms Linette Lim (Politics & International Relations)

Research interests: Authoritarian politics; media governance; propaganda and censorship in Asia; Chinese nationalism; mixed methods; quantitative text analysis
Thesis Title: Invoking the Foreign Enemy: How China's Media Governance Entrenches Authoritarian Resilience

Email:  (opens in a new window)linette.lim@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr Alexander Dukalskis


Mr James MacCarthy Morrogh (Politics & International Relations)

Thesis title: Foreign policy, fundamentalism and American public opinion: the impact of evangelicals and Christian belief

Email: (opens in a new window)james.maccarthymorrogh@ucdconnect.ie
Dr James Cross

Mr Kevin McParland (Politics & International Relations)

Research Interests: South Asian politics; education and development; globalisation and development
Thesis Title: No country is an island: a comparative analysis of Sri Lanka's alliances with India and China, 2005-2015

Email: (opens in a new window)kevin.mcparland@ucdconnect.ie
 Dr Andy Storey


Mr Lucas de Melo Prado (Politics & International Relations)

Research interests: Political theory; political discourse; discourse analysis; social justice; equality studies; democracy.
Thesis Title: The Worst-Off and the Legitimation of Social Inequalities: Contemporary Electoral Discourses Across Varieties of Capitalism

Email: (opens in a new window)lucas.(opens in a new window)demeloprado@ucdconnect.ie

Supervisor: Dr Joseph Lacey


Ms Paula Montano (Politics & International Relations)

Research interests: EU politics; political communication; political rhetoric; public opinion; quantitative text analysis
Thesis Title: How do national and European elites frame integration? Extracting political elite discourse and measuring its influence in attitudes towards integration.

Email: (opens in a new window)gina.montanoparrales@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr James Cross


Mr Jihed Ncib (Politics & International Relations)

Research interests: Political representation; public opinion; public policy; legislative behaviour; quantitative text analysis
Thesis Title: Dynamic representation and issue responsiveness: measuring the impact of institutional and contextual factors on individual legislators’ responsiveness using text analysis

Email: (opens in a new window)jihed.ncib@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr Stefan Müller

Ms Sadhbh O'Neill (Politics & International Relations)

Research interests: Normative political theory; the political and social theory of Jurgen Habermas; climate justice; democratic theory
Thesis title: Deliberative democracy and climate change: an evaluation of the quality of parliamentary and extra-parliamentary discourse in the public sphere

Email: (opens in a new window)sadhbh.o-neill@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr Alexa Zellentin
Co-Supervisor: Dr Tobias Theiler


Mr Harry O'Rahilly (Quantitative Social Sciences)

Thesis title: The relationship between traffic flows and market structure and price dispersion

Email: (opens in a new window)harry.orahilly@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Professor Paul Walsh

Ms Jelena Radakovic (Politics & International Relations)

Research interests: EU enlargement, identity construction, discourse analysis, Western Balkans 
Thesis title: The Role of Identity Discourse in the EU Accession Process. Case Studies: Montenegro and Serbia

Email: (opens in a new window)jelena.radakovic@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Prof Ben Tonra
Co-Supervisor: Dr Dawn Walsh

Jambo Ramadhani Headshot
Mr Jambo Ramadhani (Politics & International Relations)

Research Interests: Climate Change; Natural Resources; Social Inclusion; Public Policy; Leadership; Diplomacy; and Sustainable Development
Thesis Title: A Framework for Decentralised Climate Financing in Tanzania

Email: (opens in a new window)jambo.ramadhani@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr. Krishna Vadlamannati

Mr Carl Smith (Politics & International Relations)

Thesis title: China's Belt and Road Initiative in developing countries

Email: (opens in a new window)carl.smith@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr Krishna Vadlamannati


Mr Benjamin Swift (Politics & International Relations)

Thesis title: On Republican Intergovernmentalism, Procedural Legitimacy and Inter-Governmental Decision-Making in the European Union

Email: (opens in a new window)benjamin.swift@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr Joseph Lacey

Headshot of Conor Twomey

Mr Conor Twomey (Politics & International Relations)

Research interests: comparative political economy of growth models, wealth and income inequality, and political communication.
Thesis Title: The role of the media in generating popular support for austerity in the aftermath of the Great Financial Crisis. 

Email:  (opens in a new window)conor.twomey@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr Aidan Regan

Mr Jorge Tamames (Politics & International Relations)

Thesis title: Populism as Countermovement: Left and right insurgencies in Western Europe

Email: (opens in a new window)jorge.tamames@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr Aidan Regan

Mr Colm Walsh (Politics & International Relations)

Research interests: Democratic reform; political cynicism; populism; electoral behaviour
Thesis title: Political cynicism, populism and support for democratic reform

Email: (opens in a new window)colm.walsh@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr Johan A Elkink


Mr Dino Wildi (Politics & International Relations)

Thesis Title: How does European integration interact with right-wing populism in various countries, and which factors affect this interaction?

Email: (opens in a new window)dino.wildi@ucdconnect.ie
Supervisor: Dr Thomas Däubler

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