Academic Research Areas

Prof David Farrell Profile Image

Professor David Farrell (Professor)

Research Interests
Representative politics, electoral systems, deliberative mini-publics, party politics

Assoc Prof Samuel Brazys (Associate Professor)

Research Interests
International political economy; aid; trade; development

Dr James Cross (Associate Professor)

Substantive Areas of Interest
European Union politics; international organisations; parliamentary politics; legislative decision making; bargaining/negotiations; transparency; social media and online politics; Twitter; interest groups

Methodological Approaches
Quantitative text analysis; quantitative research methods; game theory and the Empirical Implications of Theoretical Models (EITM)

Dr Thomas Däubler (Assistant Professor and Ad Astra Fellow)

Research Interests
Electoral systems; Parliamentary behaviour; Political parties; Representation

Dr Stephanie Dornschneider (Assistant Professor)

Research Interests
Violent and nonviolent activism, the Middle East, political psychology, computational modeling

Dr Alexander Dukalskis (Associate Professor)

Research Interests
Authoritarian regimes; Asian politics; international human rights

Assoc Prof Vincent Durac (Associate Professor)

Research Interests
Politics of the Middle East and North Africa; Islamic politics; civil society and democratisation

Assoc Prof Johan A. Elkink (Chair of Politics)

Research Interests
Quantitative research methods; computational methods; electoral behaviour

Dr Graham Finlay (Lecturer)

Research Interests
Social and political theory; utilitarian thought; international justice

Professor Niamh Hardiman (Professor)

Research Interests
Comparative European political economy; Irish politics and public policy; institutional analysis; comparative case-study research methods

Dr Melanie Hoewer (Assistant Professor)

Research Interests
Gender, peace and conflict, security, intersectionality, women's rights, Latin American politics and Northern Ireland

Dr Yoo Sun Jung

Research Interests
International political economy; trade; foreign direct investment; international organizations; game theory. 


Dr Eleonora La Spada

Research Interests

International relations; comparative politics; conflict studies and conflict dynamics; self-determination disputes; state repression; bargaining models; fragmentation; mixed-method approaches. 

Dr Joseph Lacey (Assistant Professor)

Research Interests
Political theory (esp. democratic theory); Political institutions; Comparative European and EU Politics; Political Campaigns

Dr Richard Maher (Assistant Professor)

Research Interests
International Relations theory; security studies; European security and defence policy; U.S. foreign policy

Dr Stefan Müller (Assistant Professor and Ad Astra Fellow)

Research Interests
Representation; party competition; political communication; voting behaviour; public opinion; computational social science

Dr Aidan Regan (Associate Professor)

Research Interests
Comparative and international political economy; European and Irish politics; business and politics 
Dr Martijn Schoonvelde

Dr Martijn Schoonvelde (Assistant Professor)

Research Interests
Political communication; political psychology; quantitative research methods; automated text analysis 

Dr Andy Storey (Lecturer)

Research Interests
Economic development; global European and African political economy

Dr Tobias Theiler (Lecturer)

Research Interests
International politics; political psychology; sociology of the state

Professor Ben Tonra (Jean Monnet Professor of European Foreign, Security and Defence Policy and Professor of International Relations)

Research Interests
International relations; EU foreign, security and defence policy; Irish foreign policy; European and international security issues

Dr Krishna Vadlamannati (Associate Professor)

Research Interests
International Development; International Political Economy; Political Economy of Natural Resources; Development Politics of India

Dr Dawn Walsh (Assistant Professor)

Research Interests
Conflict resolution, Peace agreements, Institutional Design, International Actors and Peace Processes,Gender and Politics, and the under-representation of women in political institutions

Professor Patrick Paul Walsh (Professor of International Development Studies)

Research Interests
International development; industrialization; poverty and inequality; health, education and development

Dr Alexa Zellentin (Assistant Professor)

Research Interests
Political theory; liberal neutrality; cultural rights; climate justice