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SPIRe Affiliates Scheme

SPIRe Affiliates Scheme

Each year the School of Politics and International Relations at UCD may host a small number of Adjunct Appointees, Visiting Academic Appointees, Visiting Scholars and Visiting Practitioners.1 The aim of the Affiliates Scheme is to encourage collaboration between (former) academics or policy practitioners and the SPIRe community. While the specific form this takes may differ, it is expected that Affiliates make an active contribution to the School.

Scheme Structure
  • The typical duration of a Visiting Scholar (late-stage PhD student or post-PhD) or Visiting Practitioner stay is one term, but visits can be up to one year
  • Adjunct or Visiting Academic appointments may be for a longer period
Terms and Conditions
  • Affiliates will have IT and library access
  • Office space may be provided, space permitting
  • Affiliations do typically not come with any funding
Optional Features of Affiliation
  • Deliver guest lectures in modules
  • Contribute to the SPIRe working paper series
  • Contribute to the SPIRe seminar series
  • Participate in seminars, workshops, and conferences within the School, College, and University
  • Presenting awards
Application Requirements
  • Cover letter, which should at least outline:
    • What the motivation is to apply to UCD SPIRe
    • For Visiting Scholars: the cover letter should also clearly state the duration of the requested visit.

      For applicants seeking an Appointee status:
    • How the applicant will contribute to the enhancement of the University teaching, research and professional activities
    • What the qualities, standing and achievements are that are relevant to the affiliation
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • A support letter or email by a SPIRe faculty member
    Deadline: at least 3 months before the start of the affiliation sought
Application Assessment
  • The application will be reviewed by the members of the SPIRe Research Committee
  • The committee will make a recommendation to the Head of School
  • In the case of Adjunct or Visiting Academic appointments, the Head of School decides whether to propose nomination to the College Principal
  • Upon final decision, the applicant will be informed by the Research Administrator or School Manager.

Application materials and enquiries concerning the Affiliates scheme should be directed to Melina Ziegel (melina.ziegel1@ucd.ie)

1 See also https://www.ucd.ie/hr/promotionsgrading/visitingacademicstaff/ and https://www.ucd.ie/hr/promotionsgrading/adjunctappointments/

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