Undergraduate Programmes 2019-20

BSc Social Sciences (DN700)

Joint Major 

Students can study Politics as a joint major with one of the following subjects.

Archaeology, Economics, Geography, Information and Communication Studies, Mathematics, Philosophy, Sociology, Social Justice, Statistics

PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics)

Politics Major wiht Language Minor

Students can study Politics as a major and one of the following languages as a minor.

Chinese, French, German, Irish, Italian, Spanish

Computational Social Science with Politics Minor


BA History Joint Major (DN520/DN530)

DN520 BA Arts History and Political Studies 

(For September 2018 entry only)

DN530 BA Humanities History and Politics

(For September 2019 entry)  


BA Joint/ Single Major (DN500)

Social Science (DN550)

Law with Politics (DN600)


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The links below provide a range of information and resources to help you complete your undergraduate degree. You will find all the relevant information for your degree including information on modules, tutorials, and extenuating circumstances. If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact SPIRe at spire@ucd.ie

University Supports and Resources

Semester 1:

  • INRL10010: Foundations of Political Theory & International Relations
  • POL10160: Foundations of Contemporary Politics
  • INRL20040: Theories and Concepts in International Relations
  • POL20050: Research Methods in Political Science
  • POL10170: Foundations in Political Research
  • POL20180: Capitalism and Democracy

Semester 2: 

  • INRL10010: Foundations of Political Theory & International Relations
  • POL10160: Foundations of Contemporary Politics
  • POL20010: Individuals & the State
  • POL20020: Comparative Politics
  • DSCY10010: Global Development Goals
  • POL10120 Foundations in Global Development
  • DEV20130: Sustainable Development Goals
  • INRL20160: Introduction to EU Politics
  • POL20060: Law, Politics & Human Rights

Aparajita Banerjee

DSCY10010, DEV20130

James MacCarthy-Morrogh


Dave Banks


Emma Murphy


Leticia Barbabela


Jelena Radakovic

POL20010, DSCY10010, DEV20130

Sean Costello


Tianyang Song


Barbara Dantas Mendes


Charlotte Thumser

DSCY10010, DEV20130

Dana Guy


Paul Turner

INRL20160, POL20060

Daniel Keating


Natalia Umansky


Junhyoung Lee

POL20020, DSCY10010, DEV20130

Radek Vana


Jesper Lindqvist


Christian Zorner