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BSc Computational Social Science with Politics

DN700 BSc Social Sciences - Computational Social Science with Politics

The list of modules below is subject to change.

Stage 1

Core Modules

Stage 2

Core Module
Option Modules

Choose two of:



Tutorials are attached to POL20050, INRL20040 and POL20020.

Stage 3 & 4

Stage 3 & 4 students are required to complete a minimum of 15 Politics credits in each stage.  

10 Credit Options



5 Credit Options



N.B. POL30660 Data Analytics for Soc Sci is a core module for all BSc Computational Social Science students.

Final Year students can apply for a special year-long module called the Advanced Seminar in Politics (POL30860 & POL30870). See further information on the accordion tab below. 

The Advanced Seminar in Politics 1 (POL30860) and 2 (POL30870) is a year-long course where staff members of the School of Politics and International Relations introduce students to cutting edge research in the field. During the second half of the course, students write a minor thesis, under the supervision of a staff member in the school. The module has limited capacity and entry is competitive. Registration for this course is done manually.

To be eligible to take this course, you must be a final year student in 2022-23, who has completed Core Level 2 Politics modules. Students with a GPA of 3.60 and above (across all modules or across SPIRe modules only) will be eligible for consideration.

The deadline for submission is Friday 24th June 2022. You must include grades in your application that will be released on 17th of June. 

(opens in a new window)Google Application Form (Log onto UCD Connect Required)

Conditions for Politics & International Relations Single Major

  • Students currently studying Politics a Joint Major, Major/Minor or the PPE thematic degree in BHSOC0101 (CAO code DN700) are welcome to transfer into Single Major, without any minimum GPA condition. 
  • You must be eligible to progress to Stage 3 in your degree (i.e. have passed all Stage 1 credits and at least 50 credits in Stage 2).
  • However, there are four Level 1 core modules (INRL 10010, POL 10170, POL 10160, POL 10120) and four Level 2 core modules (INRL 20040, POL 20010, POL 20020, POL 20050). Students are welcome to transfer into the Single Major in Politics and IR while missing some of these core modules, but they must ensure that all of these core modules are complete by the end of Stage 4, e.g. by using up their elective places. This may impact your opportunities to study abroad or go on an internship, so please discuss this in advance with the School of Politics & International Relations if you have queries.

Applications and Contact for Politics and International Relations Single Major

Email (opens in a new window)spire@ucd.ie between 1 April - 31 May 2022 with the following information

  • Subject Line: "Application for Single Major Politics & International Relations"
  • Email from your UCD Connect email address
  • Provide your student name, student number and current programme
  • Confirm that you wish to apply for Politics and International Relations Single Major
  • Your student record will be reviewed following Trimester 2 exams and you will be contacted regarding the outcome.

SPIRe Tutors & Teaching Assistants Directory, Autumn 2023-24

Tutors and Teaching Assistants are allocated to the following modules. 

  • INRL10020 Foundations of International Relations
  • INRL20040 Theories & Concepts in International Relations
  • POL20010  Individuals and the State

For queries related to administrative matters including tutorial registration, please contact the SPIRe School Office at (opens in a new window)spire@ucd.ie.

Salsabil Abdalbaki

POL10170 Teaching Assistant

Zuzanna Krakowska


(opens in a new window)Anoor Amatul


Angeliki Kourri


(opens in a new window)Margaret Bruce


(opens in a new window)Meabh Lonergan


(opens in a new window)Mateus Bruno


(opens in a new window)Annie MacDonald


(opens in a new window)Ludovica Castellana


(opens in a new window)Lorcan McLaren

INRL20160 Teaching Assistant

(opens in a new window)Grace Culhane


Paula Montano

POL20010 Head Tutor

(opens in a new window)Daire Denby


(opens in a new window)Sebastian Morabito


(opens in a new window)Sara Fortsch


Diana Nagle


(opens in a new window)Thomas Gavois


(opens in a new window)Jennifer O'Keeffe


Sean Gurrin


(opens in a new window)Neha Parikh


Sarah King

INRL10020 Head Tutor

Smrutimayee Sarangi



(opens in a new window)Dino Wildi

INRL20040 Head Tutor

The Brian Farrell Medal

This award was established by friends and colleagues of Professor Brian Farrell who retired from UCD in 1994. It is awarded annually to the student(s) in Stage 1 Politics who achieves the highest grade point average in the two core Stage 1 Politics modules taken by all Politics students. The prize may be awarded to up to three students. In the rare case that more than three students meet the prize criterion, overall Stage 1 grade point average will be considered. 

Professor Brian Farrell joined the administrative staff of UCD in 1955 and later became Director of Extramural Studies. From 1966, he lectured in the Department of Politics, and went on to become senior lecturer, acting head of department and associate professor. He has written and broadcast widely on the subject of politics in Ireland and is author of 'Chairman or Chief?', and 'The Founding of Dáil Éireann', as well as having a successful broadcasting career presenting programmes of comment and analysis such as Today Tonight and Prime Time. On retirement from UCD in 1994 he became Director-General of the Institute for European Affairs.

2017-18 Winners: Nils Hugo Ekelund, Elizabeth Higgins, Alan Kelly, Tommy MacDiarmada and Eannan Monaghan

2018-19 Winner: Alex Greaney

2019-20 Winners: Alysia Cloake, Stephen Mahon

2020-21 Winner: Fionn Kenneally

The Conor Martin Memorial Prize

The prize has been established by the friends and colleagues of the late Reverend Professor Conor Martin, who was Professor of Ethics and Politics from 1952 until his death in 1980. This prize of up to €200 is awarded annually to the student in Stage Two Politics who achieves the highest combined grade point average in three core Stage Two Politics modules. The prize may be awarded to up to three students. It will be split evenly in the case of two winners, whereas in the case of three winners each student will be awarded 100 euro. In the rare case that more than three students meet the prize criterion, overall Stage 2 grade point average will be considered. 

2017-18 Winner: Diana Volpe

2018-19 Winner: Nils Hugo Ekelund

2019-20 Winners: Iseult O'Callaghan, Jonathan Strieben

2020-21 Winner: Ciara De Buitleir

The Peter Mair Award

This prize commemorates a former SPIRe graduate and leading political scientist, Professor Peter Mair. The annual award takes the form of a letter presented to the final stage Politics student(s) who achieves the highest Stage grade point average in their two best Politics and International Relations modules. The prize may be awarded to up to five students. In the rare case that more than five students meet the prize criterion, overall Stage Four grade point averages will be considered.

Professor Peter Mair graduated from UCD in 1974 with an MA in politics. He then began his career at the University of Limerick. He went on to lecture at the universities of Strathclyde and Manchester before moving to the European University Institute of Florence. He was appointed professor of comparative politics at the University of Leiden, Netherlands in 1994. In 2005 he returned to Florence where he was appointed head of the department of politics and social sciences in 2007. Prof Mair specialised in the study of party and party systems and has written a number of books on the subject.

2017-18 Winners: Nina Carroll  and  Anna L. Blix

2018-19 Winners: Jack Heron, Ross Merriman

2019-20 Winner: Arshdeep Kaur

2020-21 Winner: Elizabeth Higgins

The Tom Garvin Award

This prize is named in honour of Professor Emeritus of Political Science at UCD, Tom Garvin. The annual award takes the form of a letter presented to the student(s) who achieves the highest grade for their thesis submitted in SPIRe’s Advanced Seminar. The prize may be awarded to up to five students. In the rare case that more than five students meet the prize criterion, overall Stage Four grade point averages will be considered.

2017-18 Winner: Anusha De 

2018-19 Winner: Ross Merriman

2019-20 Winner: Clelia Li Vigni

2020-21 Winner: Elizabeth Higgins

The Attracta Ingram Award 

The Attracta Ingram Award is given for the best Master's thesis and was established in 2018. Professor Attracta Ingram is Professor Emeritus of the School of Politics and International Relations. She has published extensively in political and social theory, particularly on the philosophy of rights, social justice, pluralism, state and nation, constitutional patriotism and cosmopolitanism. 

2017-18 Winner: Laurie Reilly

2018-19 Winners: Anselm Bareis, Matthew Zammit

2019-20 Winner: Leona Kolberg

2020-21 Winner: Eoin O’Shea

UCD School of Politics and International Relations (SPIRe)

School Office: G301, Newman Building, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.