Considering Counselling?

Please note that due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, our service is working remotely. Please keep an eye on our Service Delivery page  for the most up to date information on how we are currently providing support to students.

The UCD Student Counselling Service is a confidential service available to all registered students, free of charge. The aim of the service is to provide easily accessible professional psychological support to assist students to deal with mental health challenges that affect their progress through university life.  


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Counselling provides an invitation to speak privately with a professional about problems that are worrying or upsetting. Some of the typical reasons for students seeking support from the University Counselling Service include difficulties in day-to-day coping, relationship difficulties, issues around sexuality, academic concerns, family difficulties, social anxieties, mood changes, stress or past or present traumatic events.   Talking to people who are trained in a special way to listen to problems can deepen a person’s understanding of what is happening and can help develop alternative ways of dealing with the situation.  It is often helpful to attend counselling when ways of coping with a difficulty have been tried and are not working so that new ways of understanding and managing the problem can be explored.  


Our registration form opens Monday -Thursday between 9.30am and 4.30pm. If you are interested in registering for counselling please follow the instructions below.

  • To arrange to speak with a counsellor we request that you first please read the following Student Counselling Service Information Leaflet to help you to decide if this is the appropriate option for you.
  • If you then wish to proceed with the registration, please complete the brief UCD Student Counselling Service registration form between Monday - Thursday during the business hours indicated above.
  • The registration form can be found at the bottom of the Student Counselling Service Information Leaflet

If you have any questions or concerns about our service you can email For confidentiality reasons, we request that you do not include sensitive personal information by email. For reasons of clinical safety our email is not appropriate for urgent communication.

If you need urgent help please see this list of external services.

We would encourage you to take a look at our online support programmes here.




One-to-one counselling and group counselling are the main forms of support provided.  We will work with you to address challenges, based on your individual needs, and typically students attend 5 sessions.  

The on-campus counselling service operates in line with the Universities’ response to the guidelines for preventing the spread of Covid 19.  Counselling via phone, or video call can be facilitated where possible. Face to face counselling appointments on campus are limited currently and will be reviewed on an ongoing basis in the context of the level of restrictions the University is implementing at the time.  

The first conversation with the counsellor will be by phone and the counsellor will be able to explain how the counselling service is working in relation to the restrictions and answer any questions that you have.  You can discuss your attendance preferences with the counsellor who will also be able to advise you about what medium for counselling might best suit your needs. This can be reviewed in collaboration with your counsellor. The on-campus service operating hours are Monday to Friday 9-5.  

During busy periods, UCD counselling service works in partnership with off-campus counselling services situated close to UCD (Stillorgan, Churchtown, Donnybrook and Harold’s Cross), to try to ensure that counselling appointments are available when students need them.

These off-campus counselling services have experience of working with students. They may offer face to face, video and phone consultations and some may offer flexibility of appointment times e.g. evenings, and Saturdays. 


The service is designed to avoid unnecessary waiting and it is best to register for the counselling service at the time when you are ready to start the counselling.   You will receive an offer of either on campus or off campus counselling within 3 weeks of your registration.  You need to respond to the offer by email and if we do not hear from you, we will assume that you are not interested in counselling at this time and your registration will be closed.  



The consultation between a student and a counsellor is confidential and is not disclosed to anyone outside the Student Counselling Service except in circumstances where a student gives consent for the counsellor to disclose information to a third party. The exceptions to confidentiality are outlined in detail in the Counselling Registration Form.  The main exceptions to breaking confidentiality arise if the student is a danger to self or others, if a vulnerable person (e.g. a child) is at risk of harm, or in other limited circumstances required by law.

At the first appointment with a counsellor, you can clarify any questions that you have about confidentiality.