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I have been offered a telephone appointment

UCD Student Counselling have sent you an SMS offering you an initial telephone consultation with a counsellor.

Where? This first appointment is due to take place by telephone. This call will either come from a UCD landline or a private number if the counsellor is working remotely.The counsellor will phone you on your mobile number provided at the time of registration. The format of any follow up appointments (online / in person) can be agreed upon with your assigned counsellor. When accessing counselling sessions remotely, it is important to have a space where you can take calls maintaining privacy and confidentiality. 

How do I accept this offer? Please respond by emailing student.counselling@ucd.ie or phone (01) 716 3159 to accept or decline this appointment. To speak with a Counsellor as quickly as possible we recommend that you accept this first appointment offer if at all possible. If required yourself and the counsellor can speak about scheduling preferences for follow up appointments. If we do not receive a response by 5pm today we will offer the appointment to the next person waiting.

I am unable to accept this appointment. What happens next?As the service is very busy we will not have another option right away and a waiting time will apply. Please keep an eye on your phone and email and we will contact you as soon as we have further information or availability.