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Probation Periods


All staff commencing in the University are required to complete a probationary period as a standard condition of their employment. Below is an outline of UCD’s Probationary Process; more detailed explanations are provided in the Probation Periods Policy. For managers conducting probationary meetings a Probationary Period Record of Meeting Form  and  are also available.

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The Probationary Process

Step 1: Staff member receives contract containing probation period details. At this point, the staff member should familiarise themselves with the Probation Periods Policy.

Step 2: In accordance with the Probation Periods Policy, the Manager will organise meetings with the staff member at regular intervals throughout the probationary period. Managers should review . An InfoHub report is available to Heads of School/Unit which provides details of all staff in their area who are currently in their probationary period.

Step 3: As the Probationary Meetings are held, the Manager completes the Probationary Period Record of Meeting Form  and provides a copy to the staff member.  The Managing for Success Toolkit can be utilised in preparing for these meetings, which are held in months 3, 6, 9, and 11 of the probationary period. 

Step 4: Upon successful completion of the probationary period, the Head of School/Unit completes the Probationary Period Confirmation of Outcome Form , and sends a copy to both the staff member and to UCD HR Compensation & Benefits.


Note: Where issues arise during a probationary period the Manager will discuss this with the employee and if necessary seek further support and guidance from their HR Partner.


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Relevant Policies / Guidelines

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Relevant Forms

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