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Job Descriptions


An accurate Job Description is often required in support of many of UCD’s Resourcing activities. It is a key component of Job Grading and essential to the process of Creating a new post. It also supports Resourcing, having a central role to play in both the Advertising and the Interview & Selection processes.

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Creating a Job Description

The Job Description template is comprised of six separate components:

  1. Position Information – including: Job Title, Grade, Location and Reporting Relationships;
  2. Position Summary – capturing a brief summary of the nature and purpose of the post available;
  3. Principal Duties and Responsibilities – outlining key areas of responsibilities associated with the post;
  4. Selection Criteria - the skills, experience, knowledge and competencies required to operate in the post;
  5. Further Information for Candidates –  any supplementary Information which can be made accessible electronically i.e. Webpages;
  6. Optional Information -  this may include a point of contact for Informal Enquiries or some specifics of particular interest to applicants who may apply for this post i.e. specific hours of work.

 Note:  It is important to note that any revisions you make to an existing Job Description must be approved by the Job Grading CommitteeAll new posts (greater than 1-year) must be submitted for grading.

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Ask HR

  • What is the Job Description used for?
  • Do I have to list every duty and responsibility of the Job?
  • Can I make the Job Description gender specific?
  • What are the Selection Criteria used for, why are they important?
  • How regularly should I revise my Job Descriptions?

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If you need to speak to a member of UCD HR Resourcing Team (Core Funded Resourcing posts only), please call us on + 353 (01) 716  4932.

Alternatively, please go to our UCD HR Resourcing Contact List to visualise the contact details from all UCD HR Resourcing Team: Resourcing Contact List