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UCD Laptop Scheme

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The UCD Laptop scheme is available to you if you need a laptop for your studies and may not be able to finance it. This is a long term loan scheme, where eligible students can borrow a laptop for the duration of their studies.
Studentswho borrowed a laptop from the Laptop Scheme and who completed their programme of study in May 2023 or August 2023 mustreturn their laptops and charger.
Applications are now closed.

Applications for the UCD laptop scheme are now closed.

Supporting documentation must be provided to be considered for this scheme. Your application will be assessed on your eligibility, and on the information you provide in your application form. 

Supporting documents

HEAR-eligible students do not need to submit any supporting documents.

Applicants must NOT submit any password protected documents, as they will not be able to be considered.

Indicator of Financial Need  Required Document
In receipt of SUSI Letter from SUSI confirming eligibility for current academic year
Other students

If you do not have a letter from SUSI confirming your eligibility you must submit financial documentation for 2022 (full year). 

Appropriate documents are 

  • P21/Statement of Liability for 2022 or Chapter 4 Notice of Assessment for 2022 and/or
  • Statement from the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection noting payments for 2022
The outcome of the application
  • The application will be assessed against the eligibility criteria.
  • The assessment team may contact you if further detail is required or if they require clarification.
  • The assessment process includes a number of steps, but rest assured you will be advised of the outcome at the earliest opportunity.
  • The outcome of the application will be communicated by email to your UCD email address or the one used during your application. 
  • If you are eligible we will send you an email with the terms and conditions for you to sign. 

Please email (opens in a new window)all@ucd.ie with any queries. 

This scheme is open to new and continuing students.

To be eligible for a laptop you must be registered as a full or part-time student in 2023-24 and be from a low income household (annual income below €50,840).

Students who enter through the HEAR pathway, do not need to provide supporting documentation.

Who is not eligible?

Non-EU fee-paying students, Erasmus and Study Abroad students are not eligible to apply.

The UCD Laptop Loan has terms and conditions. All students must sign the terms and conditions before collecting the laptop. 

  • I understand that this Equipment remains the property of UCD Access and Lifelong Learning and will be returned upon the completion of my studies or my withdrawal from the programme. 
  • I agree not to loan or share this equipment with any other person.
  • I understand that this equipment is for academic use only and cannot be used for personal or commercial purposes.
  • When using the laptop, I agree to adhere at all times to the UCD IT Policies and Procedures https://www.ucd.ie/itservices/ourservices/security/policiesandprocedures/ I understand that if I am no longer using the equipment supplied, I should return it to the Access & Lifelong Learning Centre.
  • I understand that if the equipment develops a fault, I should contact DELL customer service as outlined in the documentation supplied with the laptop.
  • I understand that if the equipment is lost or damaged, UCD Access and Lifelong Learning are not liable to replace it.
  • I understand that once issued, the laptop is my responsibility – which includes any liability for loss, damage or theft.
  • I understand that this laptop is loaned in compliance with the UCD Student Charter https://www.ucd.ie/studentcharter/documents/A4_Charter_Web_download_March_2014.pdf

Where can I collect the laptop? 

Laptops can only be collected after signing the terms and conditions. Laptops can only be collected at:

UCD Access & Lifelong Learning Centre
First Floor, James Joyce Library Building
UCD Belfield Campus, Dublin 4

You will need your  UCD student card for collection.

Where can I return the laptop? 

Laptops can only be returned to UCD Access & Lifelong Learning Centre within the opening hours. Laptops need to be free of passwords or personal information. Please wipe the laptop before retuning it. 

What is the spec of the laptops?

Model: Dell Latitude 5410 14" screen
Processor: Intel(R) Core (TM) i5/i3 
System type: 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

Are the laptops under warranty?

The laptops are covered by a Dell warranty and many issues can be resolved remotely by Dell. If you experience hardware issues with your laptop, contact DELL by visiting (opens in a new window)www.dell.com/support and enter the laptop’s 'Service Tag' (located on a sticker underneath the laptop).


You can call Dell Support Ireland at 1800 246 105: in the automated message request Technical Support and when requested give 'Serial Tag' and 'Express code' (both of which are found on the sticker underneath the laptop).

If the laptop needs to be replaced or repaired, Dell, with your permission will will send an engineer to your home address, or will provide you with the necessary instructions. 

What if I accidentally damage the laptop?

The warranty does not cover accidental damage and UCD takes no responsibility for maintaining or fixing damaged laptops. If a laptop is damaged, you should contact Dell Support Ireland at 1800 246 105. The technician will diagnose the fault over the phone and provide a quote if requested. 

Under the terms of the warranty, students must arrange the repairs through Dell Support. No external vendor should be used.