Paper by Linda-Fox Rogers (QUB) and Enda Murphy (UCD) wins RTPI Research Excellence Award 2016


A paper entitled ‘From brown envelopes to community benefits: the co-option of planning gain under deepening neoliberalism’ published in the  journal Geoforum has won the Early Career RTPI Research Excellence Award for 2016 (see

The paper critically examines how planning gain agreements are being co-opted by powerful interests to serve their own ends in the planning process. Analysis of the data generated from 80 in-depth stakeholder interviews with planners, developers, politicians and community interest groups reveals that institutional arrangements that have emerged under processes of neoliberalisation have enabled developers to infiltrate the political sphere in more subtle and implicit ways than ever before, namely through the strategic (mis)use of planning gain agreements. The paper can be download for free for the next two months from the journal website: