The Vin Davis Bursary


The Vin Davis Bursary in Archaeology was established in 2016 in memory of Professor Robert Vincent Davis, Vin to all, by his wife Rosemary and his daughter Amy to celebrate and honour his sense of excellence as a scholar, colleague and archaeologist. Vin was chair of the Implement Petrology Group and was closely connected with UCD School of Archaeology through his support and interest in the work of the Irish Stone Axe Project, the North Roe Felsite Project, Shetland and his collaboration with Prof Gabriel Cooney. Vin was a brilliant communicator and teacher, a truly supportive colleague and an inspiring mentor. UCD School of Archaeology is honoured to be part of this tribute to Vin. The Vin Davis Bursary is being established in the UCD School of Archaeology with the support of his family, friends, and colleagues via UCD Foundation.

Application Dates:

The Bursary

The Vin Davis Bursary in Archaeology celebrates and honours Vin’s life and work. Recognising Vin’s twin pursuit of research excellence and support for realizing the human potential of graduate students, the bursary will have two strands.

    1. Supporting Research Excellence
    2. Supporting Student Potential: financial support for students with economic need and not in possession of other funding sources.

Awards will be in the range €100-500. No more than €1000 will be awarded in total in any year. Preference will be given to applications in the median of the award range – thereby allowing the School to potentially award more bursaries each year. The School may not be in a position to award the full amount requested. Activities that may be supported include (but are not limited to):

    • Travel to carry out research
    • Field and/or laboratory work
    • Acquiring resources such as thin sections
    • Attendance at conferences relevant to their dissertations
    • Purchase of books, e-resources or other appropriate material to assist them in their researches
    • Assistance with publication/dissemination expenses.

Application Procedures

Applicants must be registered to a Taught Graduate Degree in the UCD School of Archaeology. Applicants must complete the short application form. This comprises two or three key assessment criteria according to the strand applied to: each criterion will be scored on a scale of 1-5.

Strand 1: Supporting Research Excellence:


    1. research excellence of proposal and justification of expenditure (60%)
    2. demonstration of fit to career progression (40%)

Strand 2: Supporting Student Potential:


    1. research excellence of proposal and justification of expenditure (50%)
    2. demonstration of fit to career progression (25%)
    3. demonstration of financial need (25%)

Applications will be assessed across both strands with the overall quality of the application determining awards.