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Conferring June 2023

School of Chemistry Graduates Conferred - June 2023

Chemistry PhDs conferring June 23

Front row, left to right: Prof. James Sullivan, Jessica McFadden, Judit Fodor, Zengchun Xie and  Associate Prof. Marcus Baumann.

Second row, left to right: Prof. Dermot Brougham, David Ferris, Niamh Geoghegan, Joseph Ruddy and Mark Stitch.

Back row, left to right: Prof. Gareth Redmond, Assistant Prof. Andrew Phillips, Dr. Susan Kelleher (now DCU School of Chemical Sciences), Associate Prof. Susan Quinn and Assistant Prof. Eoghan McGarrigle.

We were delighted to have a group of 11 postgraduates conferred with their degrees on Friday 16th June 2023. The group was comprised of 10 PhD students and one MSc by Research and they are listed below with their thesis titles and supervisors. The breadth of the chemistry shown in their thesis titles is a snapshot of some of the current and recent research conducted in UCD School of Chemistry. 

We were even more pleased that 8 of them were able to join us for the conferring ceremony on the day and that we managed to get 7 of them and a group of academics including some supervisors together for a photo!

Dennis Bengtsson PhD, supervised by Stefan Oscarson, for his thesis entitled "Synthesis of lactose-containing structures for development of drug and vaccine candidates".

David Ferris PhD, supervised by Gareth Redmond, for his thesis entitled "Organic Micro- and Nano-particles Manufactured by Fluidic Processing: Impacts on Structural and Photophysical Properties".

Judit Fodor PhD, supervised by Andrew Phillips and Susan Quinn, for her thesis entitled "Bioactive Tuneable Ru(II) and Os(II) Polypyridyl Complexes Bearing the Bis(arylimino) acenaphthene (BIAN) and Related Ligands".

Niamh Geoghegan PhD, supervised by Susan Kelleher, for her thesis entitled "Fabrication of Polymeric Nano- and Micro-structures using Two-Photon Polymerisation and Replica Moulding".

Jessica McFadden PhD, supervised by Susan Kelleher, for her thesis entitled "Nanoscale surface structures for antibacterial applications".

Morgan Morris PhD, supervised by Paul Evans, for his thesis entitled "Use of Lactose as a Targeting Entity for Potential Drug Delivery Applications".

Joseph Ruddy PhD, supervised by Eoghan McGarrigle, for his thesis entitled "Asymmetric Synthesis of Organophosphorus Compounds".

Emily Sheridan PhD, supervised by Kenneth Dawson, for her thesis entitled "Time-resolved recovery of intracellular magnetic nanoparticles".

Mark Stitch PhD, supervised by Susan Quinn, for his thesis entitled "Advanced Spectroscopic Studies of Structurally Diverse DNA Systems Towards New Therapeutics and Diagnostics".

Zengchun Xie PhD, supervised by Kenneth Dawson, for his thesis entitled "Organised nanoscale architectures for biological regulation: including surface property and shape".


Celine Erkey MSc, supervised by Demetra Achilleos, for her thesis entitled "Biomass Photoreforming via "Green" Photocatalytic Routes".


Celine Erkey

We are looking forward to hearing what these graduates get up to next. We are sure that each of them has a very bright future ahead of them.

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