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Profile photo of Demetra Achilleos

Demetra Achilleos

Demetra’s research group works at the interface of chemistry, materials science, and engineering to develop sustainable materials/technologies which employ renewable energy to drive the production of ‘green’ fuels and chemicals, water treatment, and waste utilization/circular economy.

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Staff profile photo of Marcus Baumann

Marcus Bauman

Marcus’ research group develops continuous flow processes exploiting photochemical and biocatalysed transformations to provide more sustainable means.

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Profile photo of Dermot Broughan

Dermot Broughan

Dermot’s research group develop nanostructured materials for biomedical applications; magnetic nanoparticle suspensions for MRI, and; magnetic hydrogels for tissue engineering applications.

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Dr Joseph Byrne

Joseph Byrne

Joe’s research group focuses on carbohydrate-functionalised metal complexes and functional materials, developing targeted therapeutic and diagnostic tools against bacteria and other pathogens.

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Staff Profile picture of Nadia Elghobashi-Meinhardt

Nadia Elghobashi-Meinhardt

Nadia’s research group uses computational tools to study structure-function relationships in biological molecules, e.g. catalysis in metalloenzymes or sterol transport in membrane proteins.

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Paul Evans

Paul Evans

Paul Evans is currently conducting research into the synthesis of compounds of biological interest. Targets include N-heterocycles, peptidomimetics and analogues of oxidised lipids.

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Declan Gilheany

Declan’ research involves making chemical compounds for both practical and theoretical reasons and is currently focused on asymmetric catalysis and valence theory.

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Patrick Guiry

Pat’s research group focuses on the design, synthesis of chiral ligands and their applications in asymmetric catalysis; the asymmetric synthesis of natural products; and the medicinal chemistry of synthetic Lipoxin mimetics for the resolution of inflammation.

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Tom Hooper

Tom Hooper

Tom’s research focuses on the use of abundant main group elements as sustainable homogeneous catalysts for useful synthetic reactions.

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Profile photo of Robert Johnson

Robert Johnson

Robert’s research focuses on the fundamental electrochemistry of nanopore systems and their potential applications, with an emphasis on food safety.

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Profile photo of Tony Keene

Tony Keene

Tony’s research focuses on sustainable and functional materials such as battery cathodes, metal-organic frameworks and molecular magnets.

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Profile photo of Eoghan McGarrigle

Eoghan McGarrigle

Eoghan’s research interests include photochemical and organocatalytic transformations, glycosylations, heterocycle synthesis, organosulfur and organophosphorus chemistry.

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Profile photo of Grace Morgan

Grace Morgan

Grace’s research focuses on switchable materials and molecular magnetism.

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Profile photo of Leila Negahdar

Leila Negahdar

Leila’s research focuses on understanding the mechanism and kinetics of catalytic surface reactions as well as dynamic catalysis and its application to renewable energy and sustainable chemistry.

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Profile photo of Elaine O'Reilly

Elaine O'Reilly

Elaine’s research focuses on the design of biocatalytic methodology for organic synthesis.

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Profile photo of Stefan Oscarson

Stefan Oscarson

Stefan’s research involves synthesis of biologically active glycans and their use in studies of protein-carbohydrate interactions and development of carbohydrate-based drugs and vaccines.

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Aniello Palma

Aniello Palma

Aniello’s research group focuses on the design of smart and responsive materials prepared via supramolecular approaches and inspired by biomolecules with application in materials science and medicinal chemistry.

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photo of Wilhelm Risse

Wilhelm Risse

Wilhelm’s research involves studies of catalysis in organic and polymer chemistry including molecular modelling of reaction mechanisms.

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Profile photo of Marina Rubini

Marina Rubini

Marina's research focuses on semisynthetic approaches for engineering therapeutic proteins by bioorthogonal ligations, enzyme engineering for biocatalysis, and biosynthetic production of fluorinated antifungal peptides.

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Profile photo of James Sullivan

James Sullivan

James’ research group studies the use of Heterogeneous Catalysts in Environmental and Sustainable chemistry.

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