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Welcome to the School of Chemistry Outreach Programme

The School of Chemistry and the College of Sciences proudly offers a series of different outreach programmes and seminars designed to bring the excitement of Chemistry to schools for various age groups. Our goal is to educate and discuss the diversity and wonder of chemistry and the role that it plays in modern society.

About our Outreach Programme

niamh_mck_lab_experiment_250.pngThrough our graduate student outreach programme, visiting students give a 30-minute visual presentation on different aspects of chemistry and life as a chemist, followed by a Q&A session.  This is intended primarily for students in their transition year and those about to make their CAO choices. In November, the School hosts an Open Evening, with short talks from leading chemistry professors, undergraduate and graduate students, followed by a tour of the equipment.

Uni-Science Summer School Programme

The School of Chemistry annually presents a' hands-on' laboratory session for 5th year transition students under the Uni-Science Summer School Program run by the College of Science.  These students from all parts of Ireland are selected based on educational merit and interest in science.  Each year, 70 students learn about various aspects of green chemistry and solutions offered by chemists to provide alternative energy.  The opportunity allows interactions between, staff, post-graduate students and transition-year students, impressing the importance and interest of chemistry as a solid career choice.  Dr Demetra Achilleos is the School's Head of Outreach.

Further Information

If you are teacher in the Dublin or greater Dublin area and are interested in engaging with our Outreach Programme, please contact Dr. Demetra Achilleos at (opens in a new window)demetra.achilleos@ucd.ie or email (opens in a new window)chemistry@ucd.ie.  You can also visit Science Outreach Events for further information.

Science Outreach Lab in the UCD Science Centre

Here are some ways Chemistry impacts your everyday life:

Whats Chemistry ever done for us

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