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Health and Safety

Safety is of paramount importance to the UCD School of Chemistry. All staff members and students have important obligations and responsibilities in relation to maintaining the safety of our workplace. Please ensure that you review the documents provided below.

To support our activities, the Safety, Insurance, Operational Risk, and Compliance (SIRC) Office in UCD provides staff and students with advice and support across many areas including compliance, risk, safety, health, hygiene, emergency response, training, and insurance. For advice on any aspect of workplace health and safety contact (opens in a new window)sirc@ucd.ie.

Risk Assessment Templates

(opens in a new window)UCD Chemical Agents Risk Assessment Template [SIRC] (opens new window)
(opens in a new window)UCD Nanomaterials Risk Assessment Template [SIRC] (opens new window)
(opens in a new window)UCD Lone Working Risk Assessment Template [SIRC] (opens new window)
(opens in a new window)UCD Home Working Risk Assessment Template (opens new window)

Chemical Risk Assessments

(opens in a new window)UCDC1 Handling and Use of Chemical Agents (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDC2 Storage of Chemical Agents (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDC3 Handling and Use of Flammable Liquids - Solvents (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDC4 Handling And Use Of Cryogenic Liquids (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDC5 Use Of Compressed Gases (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDC6 Use and Handling Of Corrosives (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDC7 Use and Handling Of Hydrofluoric Acid (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDC8 Use And Handling Of Cyanide Compounds (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDC9 Use And Handling Of Mercury and Mercuric Compounds (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDC10 Use And Handling Of Organic Peroxides (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDC11 Use And Handling Of Potentially Explosive Materials (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDC12 Use And Handling Of Laboratory Diagnostic Kits (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDC13 Use and Handling Of Carcinogens and Mutagens (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDC15 Use and Handling Of Irritants, Harmful Agents and Sensitisers
(opens in a new window)UCDC16 Use and Handling Of Toxic Agents (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDC17 Use and Handling Of Dry Ice (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDC18 Dealing with chemical spillages (General)

Biological Risk Assessments

(opens in a new window)UCDD1 Handling and Use of Class 1 Biological Agents (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDD2 Handling and Use of Class 2 Biological Agents (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDD3 Use and Propogation of Cell Lines (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDD4 Use and Handling of Biological Material of Human - Animal Origin (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDD5 Diagnostic Laboratories (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDD6 Handling and Use of Class 3 Biological Agents (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDD7 Centrifugation of Biological Samples (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDD8 Dealing with Biological Agent Spillages (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDD9 Zoonoses (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDD10 Use and Propagation of Cancer Cell Lines (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDD11 Use of Mobile Devices in Microbiological Laboratories

General Risk Assessments

(opens in a new window)UCDE1 Use of Centrifuges (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE2 Use of Autoclaves (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE3 Use of Bunsen - Gas Burners (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE4 Cold Rooms - Walk In Freezers (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE5 Use of Fridges (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE6 Use of Laboratory Glassware (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE7 Use of Ovens (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE8 Use of Microwave Ovens (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE9 Use of Sharps (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE10 Use of Homogenisers (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE11 Use of Hot Plates - Stirrers (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE12 Use of pH Meters (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE13 Use of Rotary Evaporators (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE14 Use of UV Light Sources (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE15 Gel Electrophoresis (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE16 Use of Laboratory Personal Protective Equipment
(opens in a new window)UCDE17 Use of Microtomes (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE18 Use of Laboratory Pumps (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE19 Electrical Safety in the Lab
(opens in a new window)UCDE20 Fire Safety in the Lab
(opens in a new window)UCDE21 Manual Handling in the Lab
(opens in a new window)UCDE22 Handling and Disposal of Lab Wastes
(opens in a new window)UCDE23 Laboratory Personal Hygiene
(opens in a new window)UCDE24 Use of Water - Oil Baths (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE25 Use of Hot Air Guns (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE26 Use of Wax Baths (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE27 Use Of Ice Makers (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE28 Dissection (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE29 Use Of Hand Sanitizers - Soaps (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE30 Handling And Use Of Disinfectants (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE31 Use Of Lasers (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE32 Use Of Laboratory Analytical Equipment (General)
(opens in a new window)UCDE33 NMR (General)

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