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Graduate Research Programmes

Graduate Research Programmes at UCD School of Chemistry

As a destination for graduate studies, UCD offers outstanding teaching resources, extensive research infrastructure,  a splendid collegiate atmosphere and a thriving, diverse international student environment. UCD is Ireland’s largest and most international university with over 7,000 international students from over 120 countries and it is located on a safe, modern campus in Dublin. UCD is also ranked in the top 1% of world Higher Education Institutions (QS/THE) and is Ireland’s leading provider of graduate education.

The aim of the UCD Chemistry MSc and PhD graduate research programmes is to permit all students to develop and exercise the personal responsibility, initiative, and specialist/generic skill sets needed to effectively engage with today’s complex and demanding professional career landscapes. 

The UCD School of Chemistry has a well-established track record in research and innovation and excellent facilities for graduate education and training in molecular science. The School hosts academic staff members with expertise in the fields of Inorganic, Organic, Organometallic, Physical Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemical Biology and Nanoscience. The School is located within the modern UCD Science Centre, with access to highly equipped laboratories and facilities, bringing together a vibrant community of undergraduate and graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and visiting researchers. This contributes to a dynamic environment that fosters excellence in both learning and research.

Our staff members maintain excellent links with multinational pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, medical devices, electronics, and materials companies located in Ireland. Consequently, we have a long-standing record of placement of our graduates in these industries, as well as in academic positions and in government laboratories and agencies, both in Ireland and abroad.

In addition, the School is committed to fostering entrepreneurship, supporting technology transfer and developing strong partnerships with industry. Researchers work closely with UCD Innovation; responsible for the implementation of UCD policies relating to intellectual property and providing advice, training and support in relation to IP identification, protection and exploitation, and Nova UCD; the innovation and technology centre at UCD, to facilitate translation of research.     

MSc by Research Programme 

All students registering for a PhD or Research Masters in the School of Chemistry take part in a structured research programme. Completion of an MSc by Research typically takes 15 months to complete, after a bachelors degree. In many cases, we offer funded studentships (tax-free scholarship and payment of University fees). Graduate Applications are made directly through a member of our academic staff working in the area of research that most closely matches your field of study. You should email them directly, specifying your research interests, qualifications and experience and enquire about funding opportunities and scholarships

PhD Research Programmes 

The UCD School of Chemistry offers two structured PhD programmes, a PhD in Chemistry (Dublin Chemistry), a joint postgraduate programme in Chemistry with the Department of Chemistry in Trinity College Dublin, and a PhD in Chemistry (Bionanointeractions), which is a multi-disciplinary postgraduate programme offered by members and affiliates of the UCD Centre for BioNanoInteractions (CBNI)  at UCD. 

Our PhD programmes give students the opportunity to conduct wide ranging high-level research in chemistry and its applications supported by a structured programme which delivers advanced level graduate courses and training in state-of-the-art techniques as well as courses to develop personal communication, presentation and other skills needed by effective professionals.

Also, the UCD IT and library services provide access to relevant software, chemistry databases and electronic journals, a wide range of journals and books, and extensive training in how to undertake bibliographic analysis, communicate your research, and maximize the impact of your research.

Chemistry PhD students spend some time demonstrating in undergraduate laboratories or teaching undergraduates in tutorial groups. These tasks enable graduate students to deepen and broaden their core knowledge and develop their teaching skills while engaging with both undergraduate and taught postgraduate students. Importantly, our graduate students are also facilitated to spend a short period doing research in industry or in a university abroad.

Further information can be found at https://www.ucd.ie/chem/study/graduateresearchprogrammes/howtoapply/ 

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