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Happy International Women's Day to all the inspiring women who work in the School of Chemistry.
Take a look at these short videos and hear from some of these truly inspiring women chemists. 

 Purpose and Function of the EDI Committee

The School Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Committee (EDIC) is responsible for promoting and supporting EDI practices within the School, focusing on the ten equality grounds set out by the University: Age, Civil status, Disability, Family status (including career status), Gender, Traveller Community membership, Ethnicity (race, skin colour, nationality or ethnic origin), Religion, Sexual orientation, and socio-economic-status. The EDIC is chaired by the School’s Chair of EDI and comprised of members who take responsibility for specific aspects of EDI. The EDIC will advise on the activities, systems and supports necessary to foster an inclusive culture within the School.

Terms of Reference
  1. Foster a sense of community within the School and promote an inclusive culture
  2. Initiate, develop and support the School’s EDI initiatives for staff and students
  3. Celebrating successes of EDI initiatives
  4. Oversee the implementation and progress of the School’s Athena Swan (AS) Bronze Action Plan
  5. Report on the progress of the Action Plan to the College EDI Committee
  6. Review and evaluate the effectiveness of the School’s EDI initiatives using qualitative and quantitative data
  7. Prepare the renewal of the AS bronze award or application for the Silver Award
  8. Report to the School’s Executive Committee (through the Chair)
Current membership of the EDIC
  • Dr Elaine O’Reilly (Chair)
  • Dr Marianne Bore Haarr (Chemistry representative)
  • Prof James Sullivan (HoS)
  • Dr Tom Hooper
  • Dr Marina Rubini
  • Dr Patricia Fleming
  • Dr Jimmy Muldoon
  • Dr Julia Bruno
  • Rosa Fernandez Pison
  • Francesca Adami
  • Celine Erkey
  • Ioanna Bampouri
  • Parth Naik


While we aim for gender balance, the committee is largely made up of members who have expressed a keen interest in joining.

The recommended term of office for EDIC members is 3 years, after which time, the committee make-up should be reviewed. Postgraduate membership is likely to be reviewed more frequently.

EDIC meetings are open to all academic, technical, and administrative staff in the School who wish to attend, and meetings minutes will be deposited on the EDI website.

Group Support

The EDIC receives administrative support from the School.

Conduct of Business

The EDIC shall meet at least 3 times a year (once per term) and extra meetings can be held as required).
The meetings shall be convened by the Chair, or Chemistry Representative, with a minimum of seven days’ notice of a meeting, where possible.

Reporting Responsibility

The Chair of the EDIC shall report to the HoS and the School Executive Board on EDIC matters.
The Chair shall represent the College at the UCD EDIB chaired by the Vice Principal for Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (VPEDI).

 The Staff and Students at the UCD School of Chemistry are delighted with our  Athena SWAN Bronze award (Oct 2021)which recognizes the School’s commitment to advancing Gender Equality. Within our associated Gender Equality Action Plan the School commits to provide a work environment in which all staff and students can thrive.

 Members of the School's Athena SWAN self-assessment team, from left, Pat Guiry, Marina Rubini, Mike Casey, Elaine O'Reilly, James Sullivan (with the award),Betul Hekimoglu, Jimmy Muldoon and Kristy Stanley, October 2021. 

 EDI Com Resized

UCD EDI Page                                                                    Dignity and Respect policy
                                                                                           Dignity and Respect supports
Student Counselling                                                        Student Advisors
Employee Assistance Programme                                  Mediation Services
Report and Support tool                                                  LGBTI Supports
Mental Health and Wellbeing                                          Disability support

 14th Nov Transgender Awareness Week

To mark Transgender Awareness Week, UCD  EDI & LGBTI Subgroup are hosting  Gender Identity training in collaboration with ShoutOut on Thursday, 17 November . The session will focus on theory around gender identity & expression and how stereotypes inform our experience of gender.
19th Nov International Mens' day
EDI are delighted to present a series tailored towards men's wellbeing this November, such as the “ Men Looking After their Mental Wellbeing” Webinar on 18th Nov at 11 am -12 pm.

The first EDI Symposium titled ``Not just the 8th of March``will take place on the 23rd of May from 11am to 1pm in the UCD Cinema at UCD Student Centre. This is the first EDI symposium of a series titled ``Behind the position``.

EDI Poster

You can register for free at the following link or through the QR code printed on the posters. Please note registration will be closed by 18th of May at noon, so we can order refreshments. 

(opens in a new window)Click here to register


  1. Silvia Giordani:Full Professor Chair of Nanomaterials and Head of School of Chemical Sciences at Dublin City University.
  2. Elaine O’Reilly: Associate Professor of Chemical Biology in the School of Chemistry at University College of Dublin.
  1. Jimmy Muldoon:Senior Technical Officer School of Chemistry at University College of Dublin.
  2. Cristina Trujillo:Research Fellow in Computational Organic Chemistry in the School of Chemistry at Trinity College Dublin.
  1. Sarah Hayes:Chief Operating Officer of SSPC, The SFI Centre for Pharmaceuticals University of Limerick
  2. Constantina Papatriantafyllopoulou:Lecturer in Inorganic Chemistry in the School of Chemistry at National University of Galway.
  1. Claire McDonnell:Assistant Heads of the School of Chemical & Pharmaceutical Sciences at Technological University Dublin
  2. Gita Singh:Post-Doctoral Research Fellow  in  Material Chemistry and Energy Storage Systems at University College of Dublin.

Prior to the event a full agenda will be shared.

UCD EDI news and events

SALI position – The school is looking forward to filling a recently advertised Full Professor position funded through the Senior Academic Leadership Initiative (SALI). The position is in Materials Chemistry and the successful appointee will contribute to gender balance at senior academic levels in the School. Click here for more details.

STEM Researchers of Black/African Descent in Ireland Mission Statement

Many people of Black/African descent living in the western world face challenges that arise from physical and cultural differences. This is particularly the case in Ireland, where the Black/African population is below 2%. As a minority ethnic group, some of the many challenges we face are misrepresentation caused by racial prejudice and underrepresentation in important positions in our society. These issues could set a limit on the goals and aspirations of bright young Black/African students. Also, it is well known now that a diverse environment with different cultures and lived experiences leads to innovation and a better capacity to adapt to a changing world. This calls for action and a conversation to be had which will solidify the importance of embracing diversity for a more just and thriving society where people of colour are viewed as equal and integral parts of our society. In the STEM field, people of Black/African descent are significantly under-represented. This is particularly true in research and academia. There is a lack of and in some cases absence of Black/African principal investigators, Ph.D. students, postdoctoral researchers, and academic staff in a lot of Irish universities. Our mission is to highlight the amazing work done by Black/African scientific researchers in institutions across the country. This will not only create a platform for researchers to connect and learn from their peers but will encourage young Black/African students to pursue careers in science and place no limits on their aspirations. Click the link below for more details.

Virtual conference for STEM researchers of Black/African descent in Ireland

We will be hosting a Menopause webinar on March 8th, for International Women's Day.

'The only definites in life are death, taxes ... and menopause! This educational webinar breaks down the taboo surrounding menopause and demonstrates how menopause is a societal, healthcare, workplace and economic issue. Join us for a presentation and Q&A with Loretta Dignam, Founder of The Menopause Hub'
#IWD2022 #

Click here for more details

Neurodiversity Celebration Week Schedule

(opens in a new window)IUPAC Global Breakfast

March 21, International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination ((opens in a new window)https://www.un.org/en/observances/end-racism-day)

UCD Menopause Conference 2023

UCD EDI are delighted to invite you to participate in theUCD EDI Menopause Conference: Time for Change in the Third Level Sector. Mon, 13th March 2023, 10:00 – 15:00 GMT, UCD Belfield.

In recent years, the conversation around perimenopause and menopause has opened up in Ireland and this conference is to encourage these conversations and remove any stigma that might still be attached to this topic. This conference will help everyone to talk openly and honestly about the challenges menopause presents, address misconceptions and provide information on the workplace implications. It will also give institutions the opportunity to think about support structures for their menopausal employees so that they feel valued and allow them to continue to be engaged and successful team members.

In order to deliver best practice, we partnered with the Menopause Hub who is Ireland’s First Dedicated Menopause Clinic that supports, educates and advocates for women across the island.

Our exciting programme will bring together specialists and allied professionals from across Ireland and UK.

This conference is for you if:

  • You are at any point along your menopause journey or maybe just entering perimenopause or will be at some stage of your life and are confused and overwhelmed by all the information available and are ready to be empowered with the understanding you need to succeed through menopause.
  • You know a colleague, family member or other who may be on their menopause journey.
  • You are a people manager wondering how best you can proactively support your employees who may be experiencing the menopause.
  • You are a HR/EDI practitioner considering developing a policy, supports and training for those experiencing the menopause and for people managers supporting their employees.

In case of any questions, please contact:(opens in a new window)edi@ucd.ie


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