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Wednesday, 31 May, 2023

Our surroundings have a profound effect on our quality of life.

The environment in which we live is constantly being shaped, managed and nurtured to serve the needs of current and future generations. The professionals involved in enhancing, conserving and managing this environment share a common bond. These creative individuals combine their design and analytical skills to tackle the challenges of the developed and developing world.

The challenges range from provision of the basic needs of communities struggling for survival to preserving precious environments to designing exciting urban spaces that never sleep. These design professionals include civil, structural and environmental engineers.

The UCD School of Civil Engineering is home to our University’s community of staff and students engaged in research, teaching and learning on many facets of the designed environment. Their interests are diverse – buildings, urban spaces, rural environments, transport systems, water supply, flood control, bridges, tunnels, historical fabric - to mention just a few!

Their specializations may be diverse but they share a common desire to advance the boundaries of knowledge in an atmosphere that fosters curiosity, the joy of discovery and empowerment for life-long learning.

Our wide range of undergraduate programmes are now offered in a modular format – UCD Horizons – allowing students to undertake accredited degree programmes while shaping their course syllabus to their personal interests and talents.  Postgraduate courses and research opportunities are constantly on offer.

Interdisciplinary research clusters are available to undertake studies for industry and agencies.
We welcome your interest – please feel free to contact us.

Dr Amanda Gibney
Head of School
UCD School of Civil Engineering

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