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Creating a digital platform to assess community capability based resilience and putting communities at the centre of infrastructure systems decisions

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The CAPABLE project proposes a one-click digital board to offer evidence-informed advice to respond to unforeseen challenges, to anticipate different futures and improve crisis prediction and response. Its idea is that stakeholders should have access to a single platform based on enhanced data, analytics and insights that will combine multiple data sources / prediction models to create a practical tool in case of disruptions; and that this platform should be easily adopted by them.

The CAPABLE solutions will be based on two main pillars:

  • leveraging data and digital technologies to address crisis response capabilities in Ireland and
  • resilience framework integration to provide objective KPIs that can drive an effective prioritisation of measures.

Meet Our Project Team

Find out more about our project team members below.

Rui Teixeira

Dr. Rui Teixeira

Lecturer / Assistant Professor

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Beatriz Martinez-Pastor

Dr. Beatriz Martinez-Pastor

Lecturer / Assistant Professor

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Profile photo of Helen McHenry

Helen McHenry

Policy Analyst with Western Development Commission (WDC)

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