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Vacancies & Opportunities

We have the following vacancies and opportunities available:

  • Current PhD opportunities

    • Click here for information on: "Global weathering rates and sediment fluxes during early Cenozoic
      hothouse climates”  - closing date August 12th 2022
    • Click here for information on: "Tectono-stratigraphic evolution of complexly faulted basin margins in the Irish Carboniferous"  - Review of applications will begin on August 19th 2022, and continue until the position is filled.
    • Click here for information on: "Geological and petrophysical characterization of the electromagnetic anomaly of the Lisheen Zn – Pb deposit in Ireland"  - closing date August 31st 2022
  • iCRAG PhD & Post Doctoral Positions : More information on current iCRAG positions can be found in the vacancies section of the iCRAG website