National Centre for Isotope Geochemistry

The National Centre for Isotope Geochemistry at UCD (NCIG) was set up in January 2009 and is located within the UCD School of Earth Sciences. The Centre facilitates inter-disciplinary research in radiogenic and heavy stable isotope geochemistry by academics from UCD, Trinity College Dublin (TCD) and University College Cork (UCC), as well as international collaborators.

The Centre's instrumentation was initially funded through the Science Foundation Ireland (SFI) equipment awards to a consortium of applicants from UCD, UCC and TCD.  Additional funding was provided by SFI, the Higher Education Authority, the Environmental Protection Agency, UCD (President, the then College of Engineering, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, the then UCD School of Earth Sciences, UCD School of Physics, UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science), TCD Department of Geology and UCC School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences. Total investment in capital equipment, to date, amounts to €1.8M.

The NCIG is a world-class analytical facility comprising of a multiple collector thermal ionisation mass spectrometer (Thermo Scientific Triton) and a high-resolution multiple collector inductively-coupled plasma mass spectrometer (Thermo Scientific Neptune), equipped for in situ laser-ablation micro-sampling as well as clean labs and other preparation facilities. It supports the research of three of the School of Geological Science research groups – Geochronology, Petrology & Isotope Geochemistry, Marine & Petroleum Geology and Palaeoclimatology and also contributes significantly to the capacity of UCD’s Earth Sciences Institute, specifically to its Earth Systems and Energy Supply themes.