Undergraduate Studies

The UCD School of Earth Sciences offers a BSc (Hons) in Geology

Entry is via the Science at UCD Omnibus (DN200). Students study a range of Science subjects and gradually specialise throughout their degree. The Geology degree covers a wide range of disciplines within the Geological Sciences with a strong emphasis on field work.

Geology is the study of the Earth. It is concerned with the nature and origin of materials that make up the Earth and impacts profoundly on many aspects of life and society. It explores the processes that shape the surface of our planet and are active beneath it (for example global warming, earthquakes, volcanoes and landslides).

Geology seeks to answer fundamental questions regarding the structure and age of the Earth, how it has evolved, its processes and the history of life.

An important emphasis in our modules is the provision of a sound academic training in independent observational and interpretational skills.  Fieldwork is crucial to geological training, and students at all levels are involved in field classes.  These range from one-day classes in the Dublin area to more extended residential field courses in Ireland and abroad.  If you enjoy the outdoors you will value this part of the curriculum. ‌

Our modules are also ideal options to take with many other subjects both within the Science Programme (e.g. Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology, Environmental Biology) and outside Science (e.g. Archaeology, Geography, Engineering).

More information on this course, including entry requirements, is available at myUCD Geology.