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How to Apply

Applying to Study at UCD


1. Choose your programme

Using the course finder, check the specific course entry requirements that can be found on the individual course listing pages.

2. Check the closing date

Most courses open for applications on 1st October and generally remain open for applications until all places are filled. As some courses have specific closing dates, check with the course co-ordinator.

3. Apply Online

Fill out the application form online. Note, applications for the Professional Master of Education and the Graduate Diploma in Public Health Nursing need to be made through the PAC website, (opens in a new window)www.pac.com.

4. Pay the application fee

An application fee is required for most application types (€60). This is payable during the application process using credit or debit card.

5. Prepare the supporting documents

When you submit your online application, you will receive a confirmation email and a list of required documents will be emailed to you. The documentation required varies depending on the course and may include academic references, a personal statement and transcripts. Use the upload facility, which is available once your application has been submitted. 

Documents may also be sent to: Martin Hurley, Online Applications, Tierney Building, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.

6. Assessment of your application

Your application will be assessed on the basis of the information on your application form and the supporting documentation that you provide.


1. Contact Potential Supervisors

Identify one or two potential supervisors and contact them by email. All supervisors receive many potential applications by email and so an email out of the blue is completely normal. Always customise your email to the specific academic member of staff - you should review and reference their research profiles and recent publications.   Include a statement of the type of research you are looking to undertake, what your previous studies have included and why you are approaching the specific individual. If you have a research question or research proposal already prepared you can include this along with a CV if appropriate.

2. Funding your research

Graduate research students at UCD are liable to pay fees, including the Student Centre Levy to the University. Students must budget for their own maintenance and accommodation. Prospective students are advised to carry out their own research and investigation regarding the availability of funding. Students are also advised to contact the relevant UCD School to ask about current funding possibilities. 

3. Make an application

Once you have the agreement of an academic member of staff to support your application, you will be asked by the School to either apply via the UCD online applications system (www.ucd.ie/graduateadmissions/applytoucd/) or directly to the School.

4. Pay the application fee

An application fee is required for most online applications (€60). This is payable during the application process using credit or debit card.

5. Prepare Supporting Documentation

Your school will advise you if further information or supporting documentation is required (e.g. academic references, a personal statement and transcripts).

6. Assessment of your Application

Your application will be reviewed by the School Graduate Admissions Committee on the basis of your academic qualifications, the alignment of the proposed research with the School’s academic strategy, your personal statement and, where relevant, your English language proficiency. Only when you have been approved can you register to the research programme. For this reason, we recommend you apply at least two months prior to your expected start date.


UCD Graduate Admissions

University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
(If you are an international student please visit UCD Global)
T: +353 1 716 7777