Structured PhD Support Workshops

- Transferable Skills Training

As a PhD graduate, your skill-set will naturally include advanced research and analytical techniques required to undertake high level research in your field. You will also be expected to possess a range of transferable skills relevant to the successful completion of your research project and to your broader professional development ( Workshops assisting you with aspects of your Structured PhD Programme such as the Stage Transfer Assessment, Research and Professional Development planning and Viva Preparation (see also The Good Viva Video) are provided. In addition, workshops on project management, time management, and presentation skills are available to you.

Writing Centre offers a range of workshops/seminars on different topics. These workshops help students to think about their writing and to discuss their writing practices.

You can now view the schedule and book your place in the workshops here.

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The UCD Innovation Academy offer a range of modules designed to enhance creative confidence and help PhD students to think entrepreneurially, and provide them with the opportunity to broaden their skills in a dynamic, multidisciplinary learning environment.

These modules are taken by researchers from a range of disciplines, and participants will have the opportunity to develop a network of peers with complementary skill sets across UCD.

Offerings for 2018/19 include:

IA40280 Exploring Intellectual Property  - 30th Oct to 2nd Nov 2018 - 5ECTS

IA40310 Creative Thinking & Innovation  - 3rd to 7th Dec 2018 - 5ECTS

IA40120 Opportunity Generation & Recognition  - Feb 2019 - 5ECTS

IA40310 Creative Thinking & Innovation  - Apr 2019 - 5ECTS

IA40250 Social Entrepreneurship  - May 2019 - 5ECTS

IA40350 Host Project Sprint  - Jun 2019 - 5ECTS


For further information, and to register your interest, please visit the Innovation Academy website

The aim of this session is to support those new to or those wishing to refresh their tutorial and small group teaching skills. A comprehensive Tutor Induction pack is provided and access to online resources.

The session is designed to be interactive and reflect the approaches and methods one may use in a real tutorial or small group teaching session.

On completion of this induction you should be able to:
• Identify key communication techniques
• Design an effective session for teaching undergraduates
• Critically reflect on the role of the tutor / facilitator in small group teaching
• Prepare a tutorial plan

Please note, the Tutor Induction pack is available online here. Please bring or have access to this on the day.

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