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Healthy Eating Week 2022

Healthy Eating Week, 7th-11th November 2022

Healthy UCD's annual ‘Healthy Eating Week’ will take place from 7-11 November this year. The theme for this year’s event is ‘Balance’ and aims to help you find ways to balance all the demands of university-life through a series of informative and interactive in-person events such as demos, talks, on-campus activities, as well as social media interaction, competitions, and much more.

The initiative is being organised by first-year MSc Clinical Nutrition and Dietetic Students with the support of Healthy UCD. Check out @HealthyUCD on (opens in a new window)Instagram and (opens in a new window)Twitter, and our brand new TikTok page @Healthy_UCD to enter competitions and keep up to date with all of our Healthy Eating Week events.

As part of their Healthy Eating Week activities, the MSc Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics students have created a booklet of healthy recipes, featuring simple and tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas. You can download the booklet below.

Healthy Eating Week recipe booklet

A summary of the main Healthy Eating Week events is below:

Healthy Eating Week Activities


Harmony Suite, UCD Student Centre


Yoga class starts at 10am, followed by breakfast and discussion

The Details!

Beginners’ yoga class followed by an interactive talk with Dave Delaney on the 5 pillars of wellbeing and how to integrate mindfulness into your daily life. FREE breakfast for all that attend- overnight oats and yoghurt, fruit and granola pots.

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Harmony Suite, UCD Student Centre


4pm, Tuesday 8th November

The Details!

How does food affect your mood? Can what you eat influence depression, anxiety and energy levels? What foods can you add in - or avoid - to help balance your mental health and boost your memory, focus and concentration?  Learn about key foods and nutrients involved in balancing your mental health.  Find out which supplements acutally have a benefit - and the science behind them.  Learn about the simple steps you can take to let food help your mood.  Presented by Registered Dietitian Sarah Keogh. Sarah has over 25 years experince working and studying nutrition.  Sarah has worked in a range of settings including cancer care and gut health.  Sarah has run seminars for the mental health awareness charity, Aware, and is an expert on foods and nutrients and their role in stress and mental health. Follow Sarah on Instagram @sarahkeoghrd, on Twitter @dietitianbytes and (opens in a new window)visit her website

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UCD Student Centre


From 10am, Wednesday 9th November

The details!

Presenting our beer pong (without the beer) game to have a bit of a laugh while learning interesting facts about alcohol, its effects and strategies you can use to drink in moderation such as using 0% alternatives and flavouring your water to stay hydrated after a long night of socialising. Join us in the Student Centre for a refreshing drink of squash or flavoured water and some healthy competition!

Thank you to MiWadi for providing drinks for this event.


The Kitchen, Ground Floor, Residential Block E, UCD Residences


1pm, Wednesday 9th November

The details!

Do you have cravings for takeaways?
We do too! That’s why we wanted to give you some great tips on how to make some of your favourite takeaways at home - but cheaper and healthier!
Join us and Sports Nutritionist Dr Brendan Egan for a cooking workshop next Wednesday at 1pm
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Take part in our TikTok recipe competition!

Show us your best healthy recipes using 6 ingredients or less to win! Post your recipe on TikTok by Thursday 12pm and make sure to tag us @healthy_ucd

  • 1st prize @homestoreandmore.ie €100 voucher
  • 2nd prize @homestoreandmore.ie €50 voucher
  • 3rd prize @calicalifoods hamper

P.S. Don’t forget to follow us on Tiktok @healthy_ucd

P.P.S cupboard staples don’t count towards the 6 ingredients, such as oil, butter, herbs and spices, soy sauce, tomato puree, optional toppings in your recipe e.g. sour cream!

Thank you so much to our sponsors for supporting this competition

Go from zero to hero in the kitchen with the right guide and a decent recipe.

As students, we are often pressed for time, under a lot of stress and eating on the go. You may find it difficult to avoid bad habits like skipping meals, eating late or perhaps need some help with meal prep and recipe ideas. Budget too plays an important role in what food we buy and prepare. However, eating a healthy diet can help you feel better, cope with college stress and perform better in the classroom and on the athletic field. 

In line with the new Healthy UCD Strategy 2022-2026, which aims to advance the health and wellbeing of the UCD community through a coordinated approach, the MSc Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics class have joined forces with SafeFood for Healthy Eating Week 2022 in providing on-campus residences with a FREE copy of SafeFood’s 101 square meals recipe book. This interactive recipe book is designed to take into consideration student lifestyles, and provides easy-to-prepare, low-budget, tasty, yet highly nutritious meals. You will find useful tips on shopping, home freezing and food safety as well as helpful information on healthy eating and various tasty breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes.

So whether you are short on knowledge, cash or inclination, SafeFood’s 101 Square Meals cookbook has got you covered!

(opens in a new window)A FREE online version is also accessible here

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