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Marchathon 2019

2019 Marchathon Step Challenge

       Congratulations to all our teams who participated in this years, Marchathon Step Challenge 2019! The first-place team, Steps for Humanity, logged an average of 552,988 steps. Followed by DreamTeam! with 427,603 and in third place, Polymeric Perambulators with 292,347. Great work done by all teams.

      Steps for Humanity were also recognized on a national level, as the best improved team! We also had three individual UCD winners, for the most logged steps. The first-place individual logged an impressive 1,056,654 steps. Also, the second-place individual logged 546,221 and finally the third-place individual finished with 382,863 steps.

Overall it was a very successful month, and we look forward to getting things started again next year.

Congratulations to all involved, keep walking!

UCD winning team and national best improved


Second place individual winner 

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