National Survey of Public Attitudes to Disability in Ireland

Study number (SN): 0048-01 (2006)

National Survey of Public Attitudes to Disability in Ireland, 2006

Study number (SN): 0048-02 (2011)

National Survey of Public Attitudes to Disability in Ireland, 2011

Study number (SN): 0048-03 (2017)

National Survey of Public Attitudes to Disability in Ireland, 2017



The National Disability Authority (NDA) commissioned Behaviour & Attitudes (B&A) to conduct a nationally representative survey on public attitudes to disability in Ireland in 2017. The NDA previously conducted national surveys on attitudes to disability in 2001, 2006 and 2011. 

The survey used quota sampling and was conducted using computer assisted personal interviews (CAPI) during January and February 2017. Data were weighted on gender, age, region, socio-economic status and disability status. Data from 2017 were compared to 2011 and 2006 data and these datasets were also weighted to their respective census year. Multivariate analysis was carried out to determine what factors influenced the key findings.

The survey covered a range of topics on attitudes relating to disability. These included awareness of disability and attitudes towards particular types of disability. Survey questions explored attitudes towards children with disabilities in mainstream education, the employment of people with disabilities as well as relationships, neighbourhood, and the social wellbeing of people with and without disabilities. It also compared people with and without disabilities.


  • Attitudes
  • Disabilities
  • Disables Persons
  • Education
  • Employment
  • Families
  • Friends
  • Housing
  • Interpersonal relations
  • Knowledge (Awareness)
  • Life Satisfaction
  • Partnerships (Personal)
  • Social Activities (Leisure)


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McConkey, R. 2019. Public perceptions of the rights of persons with disability: National surveys in the Republic of Ireland. Alter (in Press).