SEAI Survey of Irish Attitudes to Wind and Solar Power 


SN:0084-01 SEAI Survey of Irish Attitudes to Wind and Solar Power, 2022


The purpose of the survey is to understand attitudes and beliefs of people on the topic of commercial wind and solar power infrastructure and specific public policy measures under the government’s Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS). It is particularly aimed at establishing a baseline to compare the attitudes of those who live far (>10km) from new (as of 2022) commercial solar and wind farms with those who live near (<5km from) new infrastructure projects and who may (after 2022) benefit from RESS policies such as community benefit funds or household payments.

Topics covered include standard socio-demographic variables; familiarity with renewable energy technologies; general attitude to wind and solar power; attitude to wind and solar projects near household; interaction with wind or solar power infrastructure; attitude to the planning process and RESS policies (community benefit fund and household payments).

The survey data is joined to three variables that provide information on the characteristics of the renewable energy project spatially proximate to each respondent; i.e. the type of project (wind or solar), the scale of the project (MW ranges), and the distance to the nearest project (km ranges).

The survey dataset is cross-sectional, but will also serve as the baseline for a longitudinal study that SEAI is conducting. The aim of the longitudinal study is to understand the effect of RESS policy measures on people who live near the commercial wind or solar PV projects developed under the scheme. Anonymized versions of follow-up surveys will also be shared as updates to this dataset. The first follow-up survey is scheduled for 2025.

Funding information

Research funded by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).


  • Energy generation
  • Energy infrastructure
  • Energy policy
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy transition




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