Quarterly National Household Survey (QNHS) Modules


The Quarterly National Household Survey (QNHS) began in September 1997 and ran until Q2 2017 when it was replaced by the Labour Force Survey (LFS). The QHNS also conducted special modules on different social topics each quarter. See below for the full set of QNHS module data held by ISSDA.

Please note that due to CSO restrictions, these files cannot be matched to their associated microdata files.


Study Number (SN): 0035-00


Study Number (SN): 0036-00


Study Number (SN): 0037-00

  • Voter Participation/Abstention data:
    • Q3_2002_voter_participation/abstention.pdf
    • The module was initiated as part of the Public Opinion and Political Behaviour Research Programme at the UCD Geary Institute.  The Geary Institute would like to acknowledge the contribution of the working group of academics and of government and CSO officials that assisted in the design of the study and of the questionnaire. A Geary-based research group (Chris Achen (Princeton), Gerald Mills, Patrick Murphy and Richard Sinnott) is currently working on an analysis of the data. This research project is supported by a grant from the Irish Council for the Humanities and Social Sciences. Any inquiries about the study should be addressed to Richard Sinnott.
    • Voter Participation module Q2 2011 - Codebook
    • Voter Participation Module Q2 2011 - Questionnaire


Study Number (SN): 0038-00


Study Number (SN): 0039-00


Study Number (SN): 0040-00


Study Number (SN): 0041-00


Study Number (SN): 0042-00


Study Number (SN): 0043-00



Study Number (SN): 0044-00




Accessing the data

Data is only available for use by bona fide research projects. Any requests for consultancy or commercial uses of this data must be directed to the Central Statistics Office.  

To access the data, please complete a ISSDA Data Request Form for Research Purposes, sign it, send it to ISSDA by email.

For teaching purposes, please complete the ISSDA Data Request Form for Teaching Purposes‌, and follow the procedures, as above. This covers sharing of data with students in a classroom situation. Teaching requests are approved on a once-off module/workshop basis. Subsequent occurances of the module/workshop require a new ISSDA Data Request Form for Teaching Purposes. If students will subsequently using data for projects/assignments they must submit their own request form for Research Purposes. Please contact us if you have any queries.

Data will be disseminated on receipt of a fully completed, signed form. Incomplete or unsigned forms will be returned to the data requester for completion.

Please note that any reference to signature and date in this document can be read as meaning the typed name and date where such an application is forwarded electronically. 


Any work based in whole or part on resources provided by the ISSDA, should  acknowledge: “Quarterly National Household Survey (QNHS)" and also ISSDA, in the following way: “Accessed via the Irish Social Science Data Archive - www.ucd.ie/issda”.

Citation requirement

The data and its creators shall be cited in all publications and presentations for which the data have been used. The bibliographic citation may be in the form suggested by the archive or in the form required by the publication.


The user shall notify the Irish Social Science Data Archive of all publications where she or he has used the data.