The UCD Law Alumni Community

As the largest law school in the country, and with a history that dates back to 1911, the UCD law alumni network consists of a wide and influential group of individuals within the legal profession, judiciary, politics, the business community, non-governmental organisations and charity sector. To enable our alumni to enjoy social and networking opportunities with their counterparts, we endeavour to build a strong alumni community whilst organising and facilitating events on their behalf, both in Ireland and overseas.  If you are a graduate of UCD law and haven’t as yet signed up to receive our Alumni Newsletter, we invite you to do so now here.

Class Reunions:

Every year we host alumni events in Sutherland School of Law and we invite classes from specific years to reunite and share their memories and catch up on their lives since they graduated (pictured above are Alumni from the BBLS class of 2009 at a reunion in the School of Law in October 2019).

Since the advent of the Covid pandemic these reunions have had to be suspended but we look forward to reinstating them in the future. For information and photographs from Alumni Events hosted in the Sutherland School of Law previously, click on the links below.

Update your contact details for future Reunions:

If you are a law graduate and would like to be notified of future events, including your class reunion, please update your contact details at this link to do so.

UCD Alumni Website:

For information on the activities and achievements of  the wider UCD Alumni community and future events visit the main UCD Alumni Website.

UCD Alumni Network:

To engage with other alumni, find UCD connections throughout the world and advance your career with professional networking, you can also sign up to the UCD Alumni Network here.


Pictured above are alumni at the Twenty Years of French Law Programmes Reunion 

At a Milestone Reunion event in 2015 were former Attorney General Harry Whelehan (right) with Attorney General Paul Gallagher