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The UCD School of Music is the frequent home for conferences sponsored by the Society for Musicology in Ireland (SMI) and the Irish branch of the International Council for Traditional Music (ICTM) Ireland.

Upcoming Conferences:

Routes Beyond Roots: Indian Performing Arts and Virtual Culture(s)

Symposium | University College Dublin, 13-14 June 2024

Music, Musicology and Academic Responsibilities in the 21st Century

International Conference | University College Dublin, 1-3 July 2024

This conference shall try to find common ground between representatives of the various music-related areas and different roles of this debate. Our aim is to provide a platform for productive discussions while exploring strategic options to address the disparate forces that threaten the foundations of both academic discourse and societal cohesion.

Proposals are invited for individual papers or sessions of three papers. Abstracts should not exceed 250 words and be accompanied by a CV of no more than 150 words. In the case of a session proposal the abstracts should be accompanied by an introduction to the session topic of up to 250 words. Proposals should be submitted in a word-compatible format (no pdf!) by 1 December 2023 to the following email address: (opens in a new window)academic-responsibilities@ucd.ie

Our keynote speakers will be Eva Moreda Rodriguez (University of Glasgow) and Marcel Danesi (University of Toronto)

(In)visible Publics: Performing (Non)Belonging

Online Conference | Friday 13 September 2024

Opera and the Spanish empire. Genres, encounters and translations between 1600 and 1900

Conference | University College Dublin, 1-3 July 2025

Music and Pleasure before the Law International Conference

Wednesday, 28 June 2023 - Thursday, 29 June 2023
UCD School of Music
Newman Building
Belfield, Dublin 4

More details on the conference are found here

Conference Details

Today, scholars interested in expanding and diversifying the way we think music and sex together are faced with a rift between intellectual and political landscapes. On the one hand, such inquiry has been legitimized by more than thirty years of scholarship that has celebrated music’s capacity to represent myriad sexual experiences and identities, as well as its ability to engender radical, destabilizing forms of sonic pleasure. On the other, recent successful political and legal efforts to curtail sexual rights in the name of moral or religious objection are unwinding gains made from identity-based political action. To better navigate this climate, we seek to step back from the traditional focus on how musicians or musical works represent specific sexual desires and identities to interrogate the larger institutional, administrative, and discursive forces that conterminously shape the history of music and sexuality.

Intentionally returning to Foucault’s interest in the emergence and productivity of disciplinary practices, this conference aims to examine moments where music and pleasure have been brought together before the law or, more generally, any authoritative discourse which purports to regulate human behavior. Inviting scholars to share diverse historical and cultural situations, we intend to collectively and investigate the following questions:  To what extent have legal or doctrinal discourses considered music and sexuality as analogous issues? What are the shared tactics used to regulate or manage musical and sexual behaviors? What actions have been taken by marginalized individuals or groups to undercut, evade, or reform discourses that limited musical and sexual freedom? What methodological, theoretical, or conceptual resources are needed to tackle such issues? Responding to these questions, we hope to consider how our reactions to contemporary sexual politics can draw from those who have previously encountered the varied, but historically persistent forces that attempt to bring order to the unruly world of sexual and musical experience.

The conference will be held at University College Dublin on 28 - 29 June 2023. Our discussion will culminate in a keynote address given by Professor Suzanne Cusick (New York University).

Joint SMI/ICTM-IE Postgraduate Conference

Friday, 20 January 2023 - Saturday, 21 January 2023
UCD School of Music
Belfield, Newman Building, Room J307

More details on the conference are found here

Conference Details

The joint annual Postgraduate Conference of the Society for Musicology in Ireland and the Irish National Committee of the International Council for Traditional Music took place on Friday 20 and Saturday 21 January 2023. This was the first campus-based SMI and ICTM-IE Postgraduate Conference since January 2020. Both societies are renowned for their collegiality, and were delighted to welcome participants in-person once again to take advantage of all that the conference has to offer.

Highlights of the programme included the presentation of the biennial Harry White Doctoral Prize, inaugurated in 2020, the Careers Forum and a dedicated session featuring prize-winners of the annual CHMHE competition for undergraduate dissertations.

The keynote address was delivered by (opens in a new window)Dr Tim Summers (Royal Holloway, University of London), entitled “Awkward Questions for Musicologists or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Video Game Music”.

Event Archive

Who’d Ever Think it Would Come to This? Symposium

Friday, 30 September 2022, 2.00pm
UCD School of Music
Belfield, Newman Building, Room J305

Symposium Programme

Annegret Fauser (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill)
Re/Composing Memory: Musical Commemoration and National Trauma

Diarmaid Ferriter (University College Dublin)
Faith, Reason and Betrayal: The Irish Civil War

3.30 pm: Coffee Break

Cécile Chemin (Military Service Pensions Project, Military Archives of Ireland)
Civil War Archives: Somewhere between Truth and Memory

Síobhra Aiken (Queen’s University Belfast)
Civil War Silence? The Many Neglected Testimonies from the Irish Civil War

This symposium—held in the afternoon preceding the (opens in a new window)world premiere of the cantata—will embed the work in its historical context, yet also look at it from a literary and musical point of view. Four speakers will discuss the sources on which the libretto is based, the ways in which the work reflects on issues of memory, pain and identity, the nature of literary and musical commemoration, and how the views of the civil war generation interact with ours today. Each talk will be followed by an opportunity for questions and discussion; after two presentations there will be a coffee break.

The symposium will conclude at 5.30pm, before the concert commences at 7.30pm.

Please register (for free) at (opens in a new window)https://civilwarcantata.ie/symposium/

Alfred Hook Lecture 2022: 'The Sovereign Ghost: Antonio Caladara and the Eclipses of Cultural History'

The University of Sydney, 22 September 2022.

Professor Harry White (University College Dublin) presents the Conservatorium's prestigious Alfred Hook Lecture for 2022.
The Venetian composer Antonio Caldara (1670-1736) was one of the most eminent composers of his generation. Favourite court composer to the Holy Roman Emperor Charles VI, he was at least as famous and respected as contemporaries such as J.S. Bach, Handel and Vivaldi. Yet despite his enormous output and the prestige he was accorded during his lifetime, he has been almost entirely forgotten.
In this lecture Professor Harry White (University College Dublin) explores the reasons for Caldara's eclipse and reveals why reinterpreting his role at the imperial court in Vienna is crucia to our understanding of the development of European music in the late Baroque.

(opens in a new window)See the event pagefor further information.
Join the (opens in a new window)Livestream via Youtube, 6.00pm AEST.

The 18th Annual Conference of the SMI in Ireland took place online from 29th to 31st October 2020.

Event archive:

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