Undergraduate Programmes

The undergraduate programmes at UCD School of Music offer two major pathways for students – the BMus and BA degrees - with a high degree of flexibility within those degrees to cater for individual strengths and interests. Students may opt to continue with graduate studies at UCD, taking the MMus and PhD, or follow the path of many UCD graduates to the finest universities elsewhere for further studies.

In our undergraduate programmes, the full gamut of Western music history remains an integral part of the curriculum and is studied in conjunction with a rich and comprehensive range of modules in ethnomusicology.? This musical scholarship is built on a firm foundation of music theory, practical skills and compositional techniques. Students are expected to be active performers, whether in a solo role or as members of one of the school’s numerous ensembles. At UCD we encourage our students to think critically about music, to reflect on how it is performed, and to imagine its creation.

Students studying music through the BA or the BMus Programmes can audition for the Ad Astra Performing Arts Programme. In addition, we have a small number of scholarships available for non-EU students applying to our MMus degree.

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