Global Excellence Scholarships Terms and Conditions

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Global Excellence Scholarships

Applications for Global Excellence Scholarships are now open!

To apply, students need to have received an offer or conditional offer for an eligible programme,

The results of the competition will be announced 5 weeks after each regional deadline.

UCD holds an annual competition for the Global Excellence Scholarship for non-EU students starting their UCD programme in the coming year. 

The Award

There are a limited number of 100% and 50% tuition fee scholarships available to outstanding students entering eligible UCD programmes.

Important Information


V.V. Giri Global Excellence Scholarship

In honour of UCD alumnus and fourth president of India, Varahagiri Venkata Giri, UCD names Global Excellence Scholarships for Indian graduate students: The V.V. Giri Global Excellence Scholarship.

Indian nationals residing in India at the time of application are eligible for the V.V. Giri Global Excellence Scholarship, provided that they meet the eligibility criteria for Global Excellence Scholarships.

Eligible students are invited to apply by 28 February as directed in the Global Excellence Scholarship Application Instructions.



Anamta Atiq

One of the best things about coming to UCD for me has been meeting amazing like-minded people who I can already call friends just a month in.

Anamta Atiq, Indian, Global Excellence Scholar, Law