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Practice Placement FAQs

Hospital Choice

As long as the closing date hasn't passed we can change the preference but do require written confirmation of the new preference.

Late submission of hospital choice forms cannot be facilitated so it's important you submit this by the deadline.

As per dates in your Offer Pack - mature students will receive confirmation of their placement details in August. All others students will receive this in the week before Orientation.

It is not possible to change your preference after you have been allocated a hospital, but you can be waitlisted for your preference placement location.


Please check ARC for information on hospital allocations and hours.

Placements will be posted 2 weeks in advance on ARC.

Practice placements take place in a wide variety of healthcare settings however students cannot choose where. You are allocated based on the requirements set down by NMBI.

Please follow normal protocol for reporting absence as per ARC for each placement(s) that you will miss

Any days to be made up will be booked in according to the availability of the health service provider. You will need to submit the (opens in a new window)missed placement form so that we have a record of these and can rebook your missed days.

Occupational Health appointments

Yes - attendance is required at all appointments regardless of your previous vaccinations. This is because blood tests need to be carried out at each appointment.

Unless you are unwell, you should attend the appointment or visit your GP for vaccination (GP appointments are at your own expense). You will be required to forward evidence that you have attended an appointment to occupational health. If you are sick, we will ask occupational health to reschedule.

Please contact occupational health directly and notify them in advance. You will also need to contact the School's Practice Placement Allocations Office via their contact form.

The hospital’s Occupational Health will contact students directly once all records have been submitted.


1st year Students will receive ARC details after their Academic Advisory. 

Login using your username (student number) and PIN/password. These will be shared with you once Academic Advisory has been completed.

Please contact the Practice Placement Allocations Office and we will reissue your password.

Absence will always remain on ARC but it will be balanced out by repaid hours (this will also be visible).


You will receive your PIN via email once registered.

Students can contact the NMBI directly for any changes to their application - (opens in a new window)IEreg@nmbi.ie.

Garda Vetting

Yes, ID and proof of address copies need to be certified before you upload them to the vetting site.

Other Common Queries

Uniform fittings are organised through the School Office – you will need to contact them directly on [email address…].

All the relevant information including a link to the Health & Safety requirements form is in Orientation Pack which you will have received via email.

The PPAO does not deal with payments. Please contact the Allocations Department of your parent hospital or your CPC.

The PPAO does not keep vaccination records. Please contact the Occupational Health team where you received your vaccination.

Please contact the person in charge at your placement to advise them of your situation and your inability to attend (please follow local absence reporting protocol). Any missed time will need to be made up in due course.

Your personal tutor details can be found on your ARC record.

Contact the UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery & Health Systems

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