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Volume 9,  (Winter 2021)


Special Issue: Social Philosophy


Kelly Agra, Benjamin Modarres, Clémence Saintemarie, Alix Stéphan, Jonathan Wren (University College Dublin, Ireland) pp. 1-13


Art: Cult Object by Amy Turnbull (Essex, UK) pp. 15-16 

The Rumble of a Dream (prefaced by Professor Maeve Cooke, University College Dublin) by Jean Hogan† (University College Dublin, Ireland) pp. 17-43


Art: The Empty Place of Power by Martin Beckstein and Pascal Bernhard (University of Zurich, Switzerland) pp. 45-46

Aesthetic Experience and Feedback Loops: Re-orienting Connolly’s Politics of Becoming in the Direction of an Ethico-Aesthetics by Tanay Gandhi (University of Southampton, UK) pp. 47-71

Moralität and Sittlichkeit: Marx on Moral Justice Reconsidered by Yue-Zhen Li (Cambridge University, UK) pp. 72-95 

Contesting the Political: Democratic Action With and Beyond Lefort by Lorenzo Buti (KU Leuven, Belgium) pp. 96-119 

Civil Disobedience, Reflexivity, and the Emancipatory Interest: Reinterpreting Habermas’s Litmus Test by Samuel Ferns (University College Dublin, Ireland) pp. 120-150 

Radical Critique in Boltanski's Pragmatic Sociology by Alessandro Guardascione (University College Dublin, Ireland) pp. 151-178 

A (Post)colonial Philosophy of Foucault’s “Ethical Turn” by Daan Tielenburg (Erasmus University Rotterdam, Netherlands) pp. 179-200

Seeing Things Differently: A Phenomenological Account of Depersonalization in Social Phobia by Denise Kelly (University College Dublin, Ireland) pp. 201-223 

An Exercise in Serving Two Masters: COVID Precaution Resistance, Christianity, and Partisanship by Michael Dover (University of Arkansas, USA) pp. 224-249 

Law as Collaboration by Enrique Benjamin R. Fernando III (University of the Philippines Diliman, Philippines) pp. 250-277


Art: We Are All In This Together by Paraskevi (Evie) Filea (University College Dublin, Ireland) pp. 279-280

A Critical Theory of Epistemic Injustice by Kelly Agra (University College Dublin, Ireland) pp. 281-301 

Acceleration in Nature: A Critique of Hartmut Rosa by Killian Favier (University College Dublin, Ireland) pp. 302-315

The Social Dimensions of the Critique of the Power of Judgment by Benjamin Modarres (University College Dublin, Ireland) pp. 315-325



Art: What We Hold Dear To Us by Caoimhe Murphy (Technological University Dublin, Ireland) pp. 327-328

Researching AI Ethics and Human Ambiguity during a Pandemic: Interview with Abeba Birhane (University College Dublin, Ireland) by Clémence Saintemarie (University College Dublin, Ireland) pp. 329-339 

The Ethics of Microaggression: Interview with Professor Regina Rini (York University, Canada) by Cathrin Fischer (University of Exeter, UK) and Kelly Agra (University College Dublin, Ireland) pp. 340-357


Art: Take-a-Tag by Shelley Campbell (University of Gloucestershire, UK) pp. 359-360

Chandhoke, Neera. (2019). Rethinking Pluralism, Secularism and Tolerance: Anxieties of Coexistence by Ankita Kushwaha (Jawaharlal Nehru University, India) pp. 361-365 

Tosi, Justin and Warmke, Brandon. (2020). Grandstanding: The Use and Abuse of Moral Talk by Julien Delhez (Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany) pp. 366-371

Sloterdijk, Peter. (2020). Infinite Mobilization: Towards a Critique of Political Kinetics by Anton Heinrich Rennesland (University of Santo Tomas, Philippines) pp. 372-379

Lackey, Jennifer. (2021). The Epistemology of Groups by Simon Graf (University of Leeds, UK) pp. 380-387 

Dufourmantelle, Anne. (2021). In Defense of Secrets by Alix Stéphan (University College Dublin, Ireland) pp. 388-393

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