Upcoming Conference

Medium and Message: Conflict Photography in the Digital Era

Seminar: 3-4 May 2011; Workshops: 5 May 2011

In the last fifteen years, the digitization and exponential growth of all types of photography on the Internet have had profound effects on this medium of expression.  Current debates regarding the nature and potential of photography and the visual document encompass issues of economics, cultural change, technological developments and stylistic innovation and are occurring across many societal sectors. 

Our two-day seminar will address photography in the digital era through a specific focus on documentary photography and photojournalistic representations of conflict.  It will be followed by one-day, practically-oriented workshops.  Both aim to enhance dialogue across a spectrum of interested and involved parties including: photographers and multimedia creators, photo editors and others in media industries, NGO personnel, academics and commentators on such issues.



Paul Lowe/Panos

The seminar (3-4 May) will be small-scale, single-track and discussion-based, with introductory contributions by invited guests.

Seminar discussion panels will cover: The Potential of Online Visual Media Forms and Strategies For Online Distribution; Visually Representing Conflict in Afghanistan and Iraq- Affects/Effects Abroad and Within the US 'Homeland'; Post-Conflict Visualisation and the Role of Visual Journalism in Remembrance and Reconciliation: the Cases of Bosnia and Northern Ireland; Distribution & Display: Curating the Visual On and Off-line; a final round-table discussion of the World Press Photo award winners and key themes/issues in the 2010 selection.

Invited guests include:

Susie Linfield, Director- Cultural Reporting & Criticism program, NYU

Robert Hariman, School of Communication, Northwestern University

Stephen Mayes, Managing Director, VII Photo

Ashley Gilbertson, VII Network photographer

Julian Stallabrass, Courtauld Institute of Art

Ziyah Gafic, VII Network photographer

David Campbell, researcher/consultant/lecturer

Bernadette Buckley, Goldsmiths College

Paul Lowe, London College of Communication

Anthony Haughey, Dublin Institute of Technology

Paul Seawright, University of Ulster

Edmund Clark, photographer- work includes 'Guantanamo: If the light goes out'

Karen Downey, senior curator, Belfast Exposed

Space in the seminar will be limited, so please book as soon as possible with Caitlin Patrick to attend- caitlin.patrick@ucd.ie

Seminar cost- €50 (includes lunches and refreshments for two days).

Workshops- 'Medium and Message: Visual Campaigning in the Digital Era' and 'Medium and Message: Visual Journalism in the Digital Era'

One-day workshops on 5 May will be divided into two streams, one designed for NGO/development organisation personnel and one for photographers.  Numbers will be kept small to allow for more participant engagement with workshop leaders.  These will be held at the Clinton Institute on UCD's Belfield campus and led by Stephen Mayes, Paul Lowe, Ziyah Gafic, Ashley Gilbertson and Kim Haughton, a Dublin-based photographer experienced in working with the NGO sector.  The NGO/development organisation workshop will be geared towards staff who are implementing or considering ethical codes of conduct for their visual work, as well as offering an opportunity to gain new, practical insight into creating and distributing visually-driven campaigns from those with diverse and significant experience in these areas.  Photographer workshops are designed to be master classes for visual journalists who are looking for a range of advice on entering the industry at this point, as well as feedback on their work.  More specific details on these workshops will follow shortly.

Workshop costs (includes lunch and refreshments):

Standard: €75

Student:  €35

To book, please contact Caitlin at caitlin.patrick@ucd.ie and indicate whether you are interested in the NGO or photographer stream. 


General information (such as getting to and from Dublin airport and UCD's campus) from the UCD Clinton Institute's website.


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