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Starting Out at SPHPSS

Starting Out at SPHPSS

Welcome to the UCD School of Public Health, Physiotherapy and Sports Science. We appreciate that starting out in a new course of study or job can be difficult, so we have collated some useful links and information for you to help you find your way.


Click on this link, it’s where you’ll find lots of information to help you settle into life at UCD! In addition please find here links to the UCD Student Charter(opens in a new window)UCD Student Code and the (opens in a new window)UCD Dignity and Respect Policy.

Scholarships and Assistance

UCD offers a range of scholarships to facilitate widening participation in UCD. Through UCD Access and Lifelong Learning, students from a variety of backgrounds including mature students, school leavers from socio-economically disadvantaged backgrounds and those with a disability are encouraged to progress and succeed at UCD. 

UCD recognizes Student excellence and achievement in academic affairs, sport and performing arts and recognises the importance of student contribution to college life and to the wider community through a wide variety of competitive scholarships and awards. 

The full list of financial scholarships can be found here: https://www.ucd.ie/all/cometoucd/scholarshipsandfinancialsupport/scholarships/

Further details and a description of the support can be found here: https://www.ucd.ie/all/cometoucd/scholarshipsandfinancialsupport/studentassistancefund/

The University aims to integrate and embed the principles of equity of access and universal design throughout the institution. A suite of responses to widen access and ensure participation by diverse student cohorts, including students with disabilities, mature students, part-time learners, and students from communities experiencing socio-economic disadvantage has been put together by UCD Access and lifelong learning and further information is available at https://www.ucd.ie/all/aboutus/

At UCD, we offer a range of supports for students, such as a network of Student Advisers, the Student Health and Counselling Servicethe Chaplaincy, and disability services offered via the Access and Lifelong Learning Centre.  


Visit UCDs Culture and Engagement Site to learn more about UCD's vision of creating a supportive and inclusive community in order to make UCD an employer and university of choice. The team leads and champions projects and initiatives which bring this vision to life.



Information for Research staff on the programme for research skills and career development can be found here


New Staff and Faculty

For new staff and faculty, the following pages provide information to support you in your first months at UCD:

Welcome to UCD - new employee onboarding

(opens in a new window)https://sisweb.ucd.ie/usis/W_HU_MENU.P_DISPLAY_MENU?p_menu=SO-MAIN&p_parameters=B37A1D079FB70193EB3628BFFB78C3146D35112E00B0A28947666FB37F638AD1F3EB9719432D37BE94186D0F33C306C8

Work at UCD


UCD People and Organisation Development: New to UCD


UCD People and Organisation Development unit in HR provides support to all staff with respect to their Learning and Development needs. 


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